Saturday, July 19, 2008

Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan: If election held today, Obama wins with fewer than 300 electoral votes. The North Shore Boys, Cable and Streaming

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Impact of Wright, Pfleger, Rezko and “bitterness” on the election

Jeff Berkowitz: So, get back to the polling, how much does Reverend Wright, how much does Father Pfleger or Tony Rezko, the “bitterness” comment—how much does that hurt Barack Obama? How much is it hurting him right now, on the polling?

Tom Bevan [Executive Editor and Co-Founder,]: I don’t know, exactly. It’s--

Jeff Berkowitz: It’s a factor.

Tom Bevan: I think certainly it’s a factor, and it’s going to be one that’s revisited before this thing is all over.

Jeff Berkowitz: And the stuff about not wearing a [flag] lapel pin, and the video that shows him without his hand over his heart when he’s pledging allegiance—I think I’ve seen one video. I don’t think it was doctored. That stuff hurts. We’re going to see that, we’re going to see Reverend Wright saying “goddamn America, KKK.” And it hurts as you go up that line in Appalachia, whether it’s Kentucky or West Virginia. That is one reason why Hillary did so well—perhaps—in those states.

Tom Bevan: Yes, but does Barack need those states? Does he need to win those states?

Jeff Berkowitz: West Virginia might help.

Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada?

Tom Bevan: That’s why Obama’s focusing on Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada-

Jeff Berkowitz: Could it hurt Obama in Nevada, when that starts showing? Maybe they weren’t pushing it out there.

Tom Bevan: It could. We’ll see.

Jeff Berkowitz: He’s a guy who gave a speech about patriotism, and McCain says, “I don’t question his patriotism”, but are the American people, hearing that stuff we’ve just been talking about, do they question his patriotism?

Tom Bevan: I think some probably do, and I think that’s why he spent all this money, starting out with his “for the love of country” ad.

Who wins? Obama or McCain?

Jeff Berkowitz: Who wins? Who wins, Barack Obama or John McCain? At the end of the day.

Tom Bevan: If the election were held today, Obama would win.

Jeff Berkowitz: How much does he win by? How many electoral votes?

Tom Bevan: I think it’s actually going to be very, very close. I don’t think he’ll get over three hundred. Right around three hundred, maybe just a little bit under.
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