Monday, July 07, 2008

Better than City Desk, Ald.Sandi Jackson backpacks w/Berkowitz on School Vouchers, Daley, Tax Swaps, Econ.Development& Obama, Cable and soon Streaming

Jeff Berkowitz: Lower taxes?

Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th Ward, Chicago): Lower taxes, for sure, you know I am not for higher taxes.
Jeff Berkowitz: Should they be able to own a gun in their home to protect themselves?

Ald. Jackson: I am against more guns--

Jeff Berkowitz:Even in their homes-- to own a handgun?

Ald. Jackson: I am against more gun ownership. I don't think having more guns is going to make us safer, as a community. I think we have to stem the tide of guns.

Jeff Berkowitz:But in their home...a bad guy comes in-- he wonders-- does somebody [here] have a gun?

Ald. Jackson: I am against more guns. We're seeing more accidental shootings every day. I am not for it. I lived and worked in Texas for a while where concealed guns are legal. I just am not for it.
Soon to be posted on our Youtube page (at top left hand corner] is this week's Chicago Metro suburban edition of "Public Affairs," featuring Ald. Sandi Jackson (Chicago, 7th Ward).

Show guest Ald. Sandi Jackson gives her views on a myriad of City, State and National issues, including the interaction and intersection between the three sets of public policy issues. More specifically, Ald. Jackson discusses, with the host, reformers, Mayor Daley, public corruption, the City Budget, Education, School Vouchers, Economic Development, Obama, McCain, Cong. Jackson, Cong. Rush, Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Tony Rezko, church attendance, a living wage and jobs, gun control, public safety and much more [See, below, for more details].

The Public Affairs suburban airing schedule is included, below.

The Ald. Jackson show is a bit over 29 minutes long and this reporter can assure you, Democrat, Republican or independent, you will be riveted to your seat. Public Affairs, hosted and produced by Jeff Berkowitz, for the last decade, is the fastest half hour in television. If it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it's Public Affairs. If you want to be current on Public Affairs, don't leave your computer without watching "Public Affairs"; don't leave home without watching "Public Affairs," on cable.

More details on the topics discussed with Ald. Sandi Jackson

Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th Ward, Chicago) debates and discusses city, state and federal issues with show host and executive legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz on this week’s Chicago Metro suburban edition of “Public Affairs.” Topics discussed include independence and reform in the City Council, holding the Mayor’s feet to the fire and Public Corruption in city government; oversight of the 30 billion dollar City of Chicago budget; oversight of the Chicago Public Schools, the more than $14,000 per kid, per year that is spent on elementary and secondary public school education in Chicago and School Vouchers-School choice as an option for parents.

Additional topics discussed on the show include financing education; tax swaps; charter schools and charter school caps; economic development in the 7th Ward and how to promote it; the readiness, or lack thereof, of Senator Barack Obama to be President; the Obama-McCain comparison; the Obama-Jackson family relationships (do they “hang,” together? will there be a "play date," in the White House?); the world view of Barack Obama; Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, Father Pfleger, the bitterness comment and Obama judgment issues.

Additional topics discussed on the show include Ald. Jackson or Cong. Jackson as Mayor of Chicago; Ald. Jackson as a Congresswoman; Cong. Jackson as an Obama cabinet member or the first African-American Speaker of the House; lower taxes to stimulate economic development in Chicago; a living wage and the repealed big box ordinance—an impediment to economic development? Would handguns in the home improve public safety in high crime areas? Will Mayor Daley seek to impose a very high tax on handguns if the U. S. Supreme Court strikes down as unconstitutional the City of Chicago ordinance making their possession legal? More guns, less crime for Chicago? Do the people want Change? Concealed carry for Chicago?

Ald. Jackson's background and experience:

Ald. Jackson was elected about sixteen months ago to the Chicago City Council, coincidentally about the same amount of time that Senator Obama once said a President Obama would require to remove the great majority of U. S. combat troops from Iraq.

Ald. Jackson received her undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University in 1985 and her law degree from the University of Illinois in 1992.

Holy Toledo: Sandi Jackson, From an NBC general assignment reporter to a Clinton Presidential Appointment

During and shortly after her undergraduate college days at Bowling Green State, Sandi Jackson got a taste of television, working as a general assignment reporter for NBC News in Toledo, Ohio. Perhaps because she felt some distaste for the local news mantra: "If it bleeds, it leads," Sandi Jackson left TV to focus on a broad range of largely national public policy issues in a variety of positions, which taken as a whole made her an active participant in Democratic Party politics for almost two decades and included a Presidential appointment in the Clinton Administration. Ald. Jackson's prior positions included:

Deputy Director for Training, DNC.

Working in five presidential campaigns

Directing scheduling operations for Rev. Jackson, who served as the DNC “Super Surrogate” for the 2004 Presidential election cycle.

Vice-President, Congress and External Affairs, Ex-Im Bank

Director of VIP Relations for the Presidential Inaugural Committee

National Outreach Coordinator for Clinton/Gore 96, organizing African-American activities

Campaign manager and chief political strategist, helping to elect State Reps. Kelly, Miller and Davis and State Senator Meeks

Official observer to the July 1996 Helsinki Accords,

Ald. Sandi Jackson currently resides in the 7th Ward of Chicago and in the 2nd CD of Illinois with her husband, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., and their two children; Jessica and Jesse III. For more biographical information about Ald. Jackson, go here.
Public Affairs Chicago Metro suburban airing schedule.

The show with Ald. Jackson is airing this week in the North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs in its regular slot:

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Channel 19 in Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, parts of Inverness, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Northfield, Palatine, Rolling Meadows and Wilmette

and Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Channel 35 in Arlington Heights, Bartlett, Glenview, Golf, Des Plaines, Hanover Park, Mt. Prospect, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Schaumburg, Skokie, Streamwood and Wheeling.

and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm airing on Comcast Cable Channel 19 in Bannockburn, Deerfield, Ft. Sheridan, Glencoe, Highland Park, Highwood, Kenilworth, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods and Winnetka.
Public Affairs City of Chicago and City of Aurora airing schedule, featuring Ald. Jackson, this coming Monday night.

The "Public Affairs," show with Ald. Jackson will also air throughout the City of Chicago this coming Monday night, July 14, at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV) and that same night on cable in Aurora and surrounding areas at 7:30 pm on ACTV-10. The Aurora station, Aurora Community Television, Comcast Cable Ch. 10, reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.
Jeff Berkowitz, Show Host/Producer of "Public Affairs," and Executive Legal Recruiter doing legal search can be reached at You may watch "Public Affairs," shows with Presidential Candidates Obama, McCain, Giuliani and Cox, tonight's Chicago and Aurora show with State Rep. Mark Beaubien (R-Wauconda), soon this week's suburban edition of Public Affairs w/Ald. Sandi Jackson, last Monday night's show in Chicago, Aurora and across the state of Illinois with 13th CD Dem. Nominee Scott Harper, last week's show in Chicago and Aurora with State Sen. Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago); our prior show featuring State Senator John Cullerton (D-Chicago), our prior shows with Comm. Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago), State Rep. Candidate Joan Solms (R-Aurora), 6th CD Democratic candidate, Colonel Jill Morgenthaler (Ret.), State Rep. Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) and shows with many other pols at
Soon to be included on the Public Affairs podcast page is Ald. Sandi Jackson. A very recently posted show on the Public Affairs YouTube page is tonight's Chicago and Aurora show with State Rep. Mark Beaubien (R-Wauconda). Recently posted shows include this past Monday night's show in Chicago, Aurora and across the State of Illinois with 13th CD Dem. Nominee Scott Harper, last week's show in Chicago and Aurora with Sen. Kwame Raoul(D-Chicago), our prior show with Senator John Cullerton (D-Chicago)- watch here; our prior shows with State Rep. candidate Joan Solms (R-Aurora), Comm. Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago) on the Obama Presidential campaign and shows with many other pols