Friday, July 18, 2008

Better than PBS’ News Hour: Berkowitz discusses Obama’s flip-flop on School Vouchers-School Choice w/ McCain’s Education and Economics policy advisors

Jeff Berkowitz: Barack Obama said on a television show I host [Public Affairs] on June 27, 2002 that he would consider any option to improve schools, including school vouchers. [Go to the Closing of Barack Obama's mind]. He said he would consider [those options] to improve what he said were “admittedly intolerable conditions in inner city public schools.” Would it be Senator McCain’s strategy to use that statement to illustrate flip-flops by Barack Obama or would he use that statement to goad [Obama] into joining him in supporting school vouchers- school choice, notwithstanding the pressure Obama has received from the teachers’ unions, especially with the recent endorsement [of Senator Obama by the AFT].

Phil Handy [Education Policy Adviser, McCain 2008]: I think today’s speech [by McCain, see here] focused on the Washington, D.C., opportunity scholarships. It’s a wonderful example, I think, [of McCain’s actions] to reach across the aisle. Senator McCain has done that- has done that throughout his career [and] is trying to do that again to help the kids in Washington, DC. The Superintendent [of the DC schools] is desperate to keep the program alive. Senator McCain would like to keep the program alive as an example of the kind of choice [low income] students should have and I think we’re just trying to make that distinction and highlight that program as an example of exactly what we’re talking about and trying to get other people to agree with us.

Lisa Graham Keegan [Education Policy Adviser, McCain 2008]: It is an example of taking action in favor of students over everything else. In DC, it is particularly personal. He knows these families. They have met with him for years- years before they ever had this opportunity. He knows them well- Ginny Ford from DC Parents- is on his education advisory team. So, it is something he absolutely believes in. I have to let Doug and others speak to the politics of what Senator Obama is doing. Senator McCain has always fought this very difficult battle [and] will continue to.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin [Senior Policy Adviser, McCain 2008(Beware, Princeton trained)]: I think Phil and Lisa said it right. John McCain is focused on solving the problems that face America’s families and their children in public schools. Senator Obama’s words are his problem. His decision to change his position on [school] vouchers; his decision to first embrace and then reject public financing of the general election; his myriad decisions to reverse positions are problems he faces with his public and he’ll have to convince them who he is. That’s not John McCain’s call.

McCain Campaign Press Conference Call held on July 16, 2008 to discuss education policy introduced by Senator John McCain on that day at the 99th Annual NAACP Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio
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