Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Edwards' Enquirer story seeps toward the MSM, amid a blog report of a non-denial denial

The John Edwards love-child, mistress National Enquirer story [See cite herein] continues to bubble just below the MSM surface. Yesterday the story made it’s way into a MSM left of center blog [Opinion LA Times] and conservative online magazine [National Review] and the [Hill]. Edwards went about his business holding a Denver presser related to his efforts to end poverty] and there was one uncorroborated report that someone questioned Edwards at a presser about the Enquirer report, with Edwards said to have given a non-denial denial.

Chicago WLS 890 AM radio show host Tom Roeser argues in his blog that The Enquirer wouldn’t risk a defamation lawsuit from plaintiffs’ PI lawyer Edwards unless it was confident of the truthfulness of its story. Moreover, the significant “environmental” detail included in the Enquirer report, e.g., how Edwards was dressed, etc. tends to support, at a minimum, that Edwards was at the hotel for some kind of a late night meeting. Further, reports that Edwards entered the hotel thru a side entrance, went to a lower level elevator, avoiding the lobby, hid from reporters in a bathroom, etc. would presumably be verifiable by hotel security cameras.

Politically, the important point is that if Edwards was on the Veep short list, the Enquirer story, true or false, most likely made the list a little shorter. All in all, it looks like Edwards is on his way to focusing on a private life, purportedly directed at ending poverty —until the next political opportunity presents itself-- and the Enquirer will, no doubt, tuck its story away for another day.
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