Monday, July 28, 2008

Better Than Monday night football: State Rep. candidate Tim Stratton, Cable and Streaming; Where is Rep. Karen May?

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Posted on our Youtube page is tonight's Chicago and Aurora edition of "Public Affairs," featuring State Rep. Candidate Tim Stratton [watch here].
Yet another partial transcript of tonight's show is included directly, below.
Supply side financing of Capital Plan?

Jeff Berkowitz: Capital plan. People are talking about a thirty four billion dollar capital plan, and the Governor seems to suggest, as do others, that they could finance it by a gaming bill, expand gaming, perhaps have a Chicago casino. If that were the case, would you support a capital bill plan and have it financed by gaming, expanded gaming?

Tim Stratton[R-Glencoe; 58th Dist. State Rep. Candidate]: No, I would not.

Jeff Berkowitz: You would not. So you differ with Tom Cross. He’s your leader and he seems to support it.

Tim Stratton: Sure.

Jeff Berkowitz: You say to Tom, you respectfully disagree.

Tim Stratton: I do.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you want a capital plan?

Tim Stratton: I absolutely want a capital plan.

Jeff Berkowitz: How are you going to finance it?

Tim Stratton: I think that is an area where we could do some bonded indebtedness to finance a capital plan.

Jeff Berkowitz: But how are you going to pay for the bonded debts?

Tim Stratton: Sure. Sure.

Jeff Berkowitz: The gaming bill was supposed to pay for that. You say no gaming. How do you pay for those bonds?

Tim Stratton: I think we pay for the bonds by looking at ways to increase our revenues across the board.

Jeff Berkowitz: How are you going to increase revenues? You don’t want to increase taxes.

Tim Stratton: Sure. Not increase taxes.

Jeff Berkowitz: So what do you do to increase revenues?

Tim Stratton: Look. As the state starts to grow and we start to turn things around, we’ll have more sales tax revenue. We’ll have more of those types of dollars coming in, from increased business, increased payroll taxes.

Jeff Berkowitz: So jobs and growth—more people working, more people paying income taxes.

Tim Stratton: Absolutely.

Jeff Berkowitz: That’s the way. Natural growth? Not increasing the tax rates, [but] increasing tax revenue.

Tim Stratton: Absolutely.

Where’s Rep. Karen May?

Jeff Berkowitz: We’re going to continue to speak as the credits roll, but I very much want to thank our guest, Tim Stratton. He is running for state rep in the 58th district. That includes a number of areas on the North Shore. He’s running against Karen May, the incumbent for the last eight years. We’ve invited Karen May here. We hope she’ll accept and come and give her point of view here. That’s what democracy is about—listen to the Democrat, listen to the Republican, listen to anybody else, see what they think. Right? [Ed. Note, to this date, Rep. May has shown no interest in scheduling a time to appear on “Public Affairs.”]

Tim Stratton: Absolutely.

Pro-Choice on Abortion

Jeff Berkowitz: Very quickly, cultural issues. Gays, God, guns, abortion. Not necessarily in that order. Abortion. You’re pro-choice?

Tim Stratton[R-Glencoe, candidate for 58th Dist. State Rep.]: Pro-choice.

Jeff Berkowitz: You support Roe v. Wade?

Tim Stratton: I do.

Parental Notice w/ judicial bypass

Jeff Berkowitz: But you would like to see parental notice laws, with judicial bypass?

Tim Stratton: I would. With proper judicial bypass, I think that parental notification is something that most moderate families want in Illinois.

Jeff Berkowitz: You support basic gun control?

Tim Stratton: I do.

Ban on Assault Weapons

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you support a ban on assault weapons statewide?

Tim Stratton: I would.

Civil Unions and bans on discrimination based on sexual orientation

Jeff Berkowitz: Same-sex marriage. Would you support same-sex marriage?

Tim Stratton: No, I would not support same-sex marriage.

Jeff Berkowitz: Civil unions?

Tim Stratton: I would support civil unions.

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you support the bills that have passed that ban discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation?

Tim Stratton: Correct. Correct.

A moment of silent reflection

Jeff Berkowitz: Is there enough God in the schools, or is there too much God in public schools?

Tim Stratton: I think that-

Jeff Berkowitz: You know, there was the moment of silence [bill].

Tim Stratton: Sure.

Jeff Berkowitz: It was kind of overturned by a court. Some people say it’s not praying, it’s just giving the kids time to reflect. How would you have voted on that moment of silence?

Tim Stratton: From what I know, I would have probably supported it. I think there are some problems with the legislation of enforcement and how mechanically you make that work, but I don’t personally have a problem with taking a silent moment for reflection.

Jeff Berkowitz: As long as it’s not mandated prayer, you would support that?

Tim Stratton: As long as it’s non-secular. I would not support publicly mandated prayer.

Ban on partial birth abortion

Jeff Berkowitz: What about the ban on partial-birth abortion? Would you support that?

Tim Stratton[R-Glencoe]: I would support a ban on partial-birth abortion.

Jeff Berkowitz: Would there be an exception for, not just the life, but the health of the mother?

Tim Stratton: There would be an exception for the life or the health of the mother.

Jeff Berkowitz: So with those two caveats, you would support that ban?

Tim Stratton: With those two caveats. Correct.

Jeff Berkowitz: But you’re running more on economic issues than on social issues?

Tim Stratton[R-Glencoe]: Absolutely. We’ve got to get the economic situation under control.

Jeff Berkowitz: Reform? Would you say that’s part?

Tim Stratton: Absolutely. We need comprehensive ethics reform.

Karen May says no to More Refineries?

Jeff Berkowitz: And on environmental issues, there was a bill for expediting the permit process for refineries. You supported that?

Tim Stratton: Correct. I would support that.

Jeff Berkowitz: Karen May was one of the few state reps to oppose that?

Tim Stratton: She was one of twenty two or twenty three state reps to oppose that.

Jeff Berkowitz: What’s her problem with it?

Tim Stratton: Not sure. I’m not sure.
Thanks to "Public Affairs," intern Amy Allen for preparing a draft of the above partial transcript of tonight's Chicago and Aurora editions of "Public Affairs."
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