Monday, December 14, 2009

Jim Ryan, Republican candidate for IL Governor, gets his soul back

Jim Ryan on “At Issue.”

The below was one of a number of long, rambling, somewhat incoherent responses to questions given last night by Jim Ryan to Craig Dellimore and Joe Ryan on WBBM Radio’s “At Issue,” program.. This response was to explain why Ryan favored the Martire-Democratic proposal for a six billion dollar, or so, net increase in taxes in 2007, aka as a tax swap, but not now. The program was taped on Friday. Jim Ryan said:

The evolution of Jim Ryan: A two year flirtation with the Left’s Ralph Martire

When I was on the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability [Board for the last few years but ending a few months before Ryan began his run for Governor], Ralph Martire, who is a man I respect a lot, he sees, saw the problem at the time mainly as a revenue problem more than a spending problem. I’ve had a lot more time first of all to look at the issue. I think it is more of a spending problem than a revenue problem- certainly right now. Secondly, at the time that Board recommended that tax swap, we weren’t in the midst of the worst recession since the great depression. That’s the other act that’s changed.[But, Martire and his organization have not backed off from their tax increase proposal]. And, here’s the last one….when the economy turned bad, [Michigan] found that the most reliable revenue stream for schools were [sic] in fact property taxes, so that has kind of changed my mind. …and I was worried we wouldn’t have enough money for our children [without the tax swap]. …but on balance and given our current economic circumstances I am not in favor of a tax increase. [Emphasis supplied].

Jim Ryan: Bouncing back and forth, from Left to Right, 2002 to the present

Well, Dan Curry [Ryan’s 2002 and 2009 campaign guru] has let Jim Ryan’s soul return to Jim Ryan’s body. [For a discussion of Jim Ryan's missing soul, See here]. So, at least this is Jim Ryan being honest, and not delivering statements of Dan Curry as his own. But, this demonstrates who Jim Ryan is. Back in 2002 when he was running for Governor, it was clear Jim Ryan didn’t have much of a political philosophy. He was a lifelong prosecutor who thought the next stop from AG was the Governor’s mansion. But, state spending, taxes, budgets, education and philosophies of government were not something Jim had thought much about. So, his staff churned out white papers and Jim repeated what they said, but they were no more his than the book Sarah Palin has “written.” Since 2002, at Benedictine and perhaps elsewhere, in conversations with Ralph Martire and others, Jim Ryan has been developing, sort of, a political or governmental philosophy. And, as we can see above, it ain’t all pretty. And, it is not, as Curry would have us believe, the conscience of a conservative.

Jim Ryan: a David Souter or a Dan Curry
No, it is more like Jim Ryan could turn out to be the David Souter of the State GOP. Or, the Ralph Martire of the State GOP. Or, the Jim Edgar of the State GOP. Or, the Jim Thompson of the State GOP. Or, a Dan Curry. He could raise, lower or keep taxes the same. More likely he will raise them, eventually, if not in the first instance. We don’t know what he will do because he doesn’t know what he will do.

Are you feeling lucky?
Sure, if Dan Curry becomes Ryan’s Deputy Governor for Budget, Spending and Taxes, Jim Ryan would be a conservative on spending and taxes, if Jim Ryan chose to listen to Dan Curry. So, if you are a conservative and you are wondering if you should vote for Jim Ryan, you have to ask yourself, like Clint Eastwood in a Dirty Harry movie, are you feeling lucky? Well, are you?

Ducking and Dodging with Jim Ryan and Dan Curry

BTW, as Attorney General, and not when he was running for AG, Jim Ryan appeared on our TV show Public Affairs. But in 2002 and 2009, as a candidate, Jim Ryan, or should I say, Dan Curry, has always declined to appear on our TV show. Indeed, Curry, or should I say Jim Ryan, has not been willing to add us to his media list to receive anything about Jim Ryan. You kind of wonder what Jim Ryan, or should I say, Dan Curry, is afraid of. Must be my roundhouse right, or left jab. But, if Jim Ryan can’t handle a little, local access guy who only appears in Chicago, Rockford, Aurora and the Chicago Metro suburbs, how will he handle Quinn or Hynes? Statewide? How, indeed.!
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