Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting to know Dold,10th CD Republican Primary Candidate, Part 2;And, getting to know 10th CD Republican Primary candidates Coulson,Green and Cadigan

Revised on Friday at 6:15 pm regarding comments, below, about donating to Dold and Catigan campaigns, and not to Coulson and Green campaigns.
Jeff Berkowitz: Philosophically, I know you can’t control it as a House member, but to the extent you could, would you like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, just … in terms of your philosophy.
Below is a partial transcript of a phone interview this journalist conducted with Bob Dold, 10th Cong. District Republican Primary Candidate. Part 1 of our "Getting to know Bob Dold series," is here.
Testing the 10th CD Republican Primary major candidates

There are those of my gentle readers who will be critical of Mr. Dold’s responses, below, for being somewhat evasive. But, before that is done, all our readers should know that there are four major candidates in the Republican Primary, and each has been given ample opportunity to tape and appear on our thirty minute “Public Affairs,” show, which is the only thorough test the candidates are likely to encounter as to their knowledge of and opinions about a broad range of domestic, foreign and cultural policy issues. The candidates' differing responses are instructive.

Unlike candidate forums, the guests on the “Public Affairs,” tv show face follow-up questions, which make it difficult, but not impossible, to avoid answering a question. The show airs-- and has, I believe, a reasonably good-sized audience-- in half the 10th Congressional District. Further, the show has a potential cablecast audience of more than three million viewers of it’s regular weekly Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and other Chicago Metro suburban airings. And, this audience is often larger, as the show airs, from time to time on the Illinois Channel, which airs across and beyond the State of Illinois. And, of course, the show is podcast here and here.

“Free,” air time

For candidates who complain, incessantly, about the high cost of TV advertising, you would think they would jump at the opportunity of a “free thirty minutes of TV air time.” But, for the 10th CD Republican Primary major candidates, you would be in large part wrong.

Dick Green: Ducking the tough questions

Dick Green (R-Winnetka), who has already dumped $225,000 of his own wealth into his 10th CD campaign, has shown no interest in appearing on Public Affairs. To add insult to injury to the Public Interest and transparency, Green has shown no interest in returning this journalist’s phone calls, not a good behavioral pattern for someone who wants to persuade constituents he will be responsive to their inquiries.

Beth Coulson: Flip flopping on appearing on "Public Affairs."

State Rep. Beth Coulson (R-Glenview) committed months ago to taping the show on November 22, 2009. This journalist had complimented Rep. Coulson several times, on air, regarding her commitment to tape our show. A day before the scheduled Coulson taping, a Coulson staffer called to say Beth “had lost her voice,” and would be unlikely to appear the next day.

Perhaps, coincidentally, Coulson had met the day before in a well-publicized (by the Coulson Campaign) meeting with Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele and State GOP Chairman Pat Brady. Also, on the day of that meeting, Coulson got some criticism form State GOP officials for the spin her campaign put on her meeting with Chairman Steele. The next morning, the Coulson staffer advised Public Affairs that Rep. Coulson would have to cancel, but that a staffer would call this journalist in a few days to reschedule. A week later, a Coulson staffer called this journalist to explain that “other voter contact,” opportunities over the next two months would prevent Rep. Coulson from keeping her commitment to tape “Public Affairs.”

Coulson had taped the show often, prior to 2003, in her role as a State Rep, but declined all such invitations over the last seven years.

Giving Bob Dold credit for his ten minute phone interview

Bob Dold (R-Kenilworth) has declined, so far, to tape “Public Affairs.” But, candidate Dold did readily agree to the ten-minute phone interview, and for that, in light of the above experiences with Green and Coulson, Dold should get some credit.

Bill Cadigan: Stepping up to face thirty minutes of tough questions on TV

However, the 10th CD Republican Primary candidate who should get the most credit for transparency is Bill Cadigan (R-Winnetka), who readily agreed to tape Public Affairs [watch Cadigan here], cheerfully put up with many follow-ups and intense questions and is trying to schedule yet another appearance on “Public Affairs,” before the February 2, 2010 primary.

Voters: Ducking solicitations from Green and Coulson?

So, please, read the below transcript, with the above in mind. And, if Green and Coulson ask you for a campaign contribution to finance their “voter contact,” and media efforts, this journalist thinks you should say, “Not a penny for you until you appear on Public Affairs. It is a free half hour of media.” As to Dold, let him know you would contribute more if he would step up from a phone interview to a full TV interview. And, for Cadigan, dig deep into your pockets as a sign you appreciate the transparency he demonstrated by doing a full half hour of "Public Affairs." I mean, fair is fair.

As to the 10th CD Democratic major candidates, that’s yet another story for another day.
Pro-life or Pro-choice

Jeff Berkowitz: On the cultural issues, would you describe yourself as pro-life or pro-choice?

Bob Dold [Kenilworth, 10th Cong. Dist. Republican Primary Candidate]: I would consider myself to be somewhat in the middle, which I know is not the answer that you’re looking for there, but I’m against partial birth abortion; I am against federal funding [for abortions] and I am for parental notification.

Overturn Roe v. Wade?

Jeff Berkowitz: Okay, but you would not like to see Roe v. Wade overturned?

Bob Dold: I think, right now, the way it works with the Supreme Court is that Roe v. Wade is precedent at this stage of the game and it would be tough to do so. So, I just don’t think that is realistic at this stage.

Jeff Berkowitz: Philosophically, I know you can’t control it as a House member, but to the extent you could, would you like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, just … in terms of your philosophy.

Bob Dold: Philosophically, I think it’s kind of a moot point. I go back to what I am saying in terms of—I’m against partial birth abortion; I am against federal funding; I am for parental notification. Those are the issues that I have an effect on or will be able to vote on with regard to Congress.

A ban on partial birth abortions, without an exception for the health of the mother?

Jeff Berkowitz: …you know there was a ban, in Congress, that was passed, that bans partial birth abortion—and doesn’t allow an exception for the health of the mother. If you were there, would you have voted to support that ban on partial birth abortion.

Bob Dold:I- again, Jeff, without having taken a look at the bill, and it is not trying to sidestep it. I really need to take a look at the bill, obviously the health of the mother is important- I’m not for—again, I’m against partial birth abortions, so, those are, that’s kind of a tough one without taking a look at the bill. That’s kind of like asking you to vote on something that you haven’t taken- or read through, which I think is a problem in Congress today. I don’t think congressional leaders are actually reading what they are passing. That’s a big, big problem
Phone interview with 10th CD Republican Primary candidate Bob Dold, October 9, 2009
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