Friday, December 11, 2009

Better than Chicago Public TV’s Friday night show: watch Berkowitz w/Patrick Collins-on reform and prosecution of public corruption; streaming now

Patrick Collins: A quid pro quo is not required under the law…21st Century corruption is not quid pro quo corruption; it’s buying a public official over time. The [Gov. George] Ryan case really was about Larry Warner, his close friend, over time, buying George Ryan, with a series of undisclosed financial benefits, never one for one- in other words, George Ryan giving out a contract and Larry Warner paying a bribe, which would be the quid pro quo- but over a six, eight, ten year period, Larry Warner providing financial, pecuniary benefits to George Ryan and his family and George Ryan steering and inserting Larry Warner into valuable contracts and leases of his governmental office. [Watch the show with Patrick Collins, former Chairman of the Illinois Reform Commission].
From Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz, taped on December 6, 2009.
For another partial transcript of the show and links to more about the show’s topics and additional transcripts, please go here.
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