Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting to know 10th CD Republican Primary Candidate Bob Dold

Text revised and links added at 5:00 pm on Friday.
There are four major candidates in the 10th CD Republican Primary. See here. One of the 10th CD Republican candidates, Bill Cadigan (Winnetka), has appeared on Public Affairs. Watch Bill Cadigan here and Read a Cadigan partial transcript here. Another one of the 10th CD Republican candidates, State Rep. Beth Coulson (Glenview), committed to do the show on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009. A day before that scheduled taping, Rep. Coulson cancelled, due to a “loss of voice,” her staff advised. Coulson’s staff said she would re-schedule but as of this date, she has not done so.

Another 10th CD candidate, Dick Green, has shown no interest in taping Public Affairs. He has said he is following the advice of his Washington, DC. and Chicago strategists, which seems to be to stick to his paid media and avoid earned media. [Green has also been missing candidate forums of late, as well, ducking a Morraine Township Republican Organization forum this week because "he had to do a commercial," and missing an Hadassah sponsored forum at Am Shalom Temple in Glencoe recently when he informed the sponsors, at the last minute, a family member had a birthday]

Another 10th CD Candidate, Bob Dold, said a few months ago that he did not have time, at that time, to tape a thirty minute show because he was focusing on grassroots activities, but candidate Dold did agree to do a ten minute phone interview on October 9, 2009. Dold’s campaign manager, Kelly Fellino, recently said she would consider an appearance on Public Affairs for Dold, but she has not returned our phone calls asking about same.

A transcript of a portion of our phone interview with candidate Dold is included, below.
Jeff Berkowitz: …if you had been there [in Congress]… in the Fall of 2008 when President Bush, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chief Bernanke recommended the 700billion dollar bailout, do you think you would have voted to support that?

Bob Dold [Kenilworth], 10th Cong. District Republican Primary candidate: That’s a great question, Jeff, and I think there certainly needed to be some stuff done for the—it’s tough for me to be the you know, I guess we should say it’s easier for me to be the Sunday morning quarterback-- but at the time, certainly something needed to be done to make sure that the banks stabilized. I’m not so sure that in terms of the dollars that we had allocated for the TARP funds—and that they were originally targeted for the banks-- and we decided to use them for a bunch of different things. So, I would have voted at that point in time to do what was necessary to try to stabilize the banking system so that it didn’t spiral out of control and we had basically banks with “going out of business,” signs.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, does that mean that yes, you would have supported the bailout, as pronounced at the time?

Bob Dold: Honestly, Jeff, I have not read the entire bill. I can tell you I would have supported making sure that we didn’t have banks going under. And, I think one of the complaints, as a Sunday morning quarterback, or a Monday morning quarterback, at this stage of the game is that there was basically how were you going to determine what banks were going to stay and what banks were going to fail. So, that was part of the complaint against the government. But, I think we needed to give the government the ability to make sure that we’re stabilizing the banks.

Jeff Berkowitz: What about the 800 billion dollar stimulus that was proposed and then legislated under President Obama. Would you have supported that?

Bob Dold: No.
More than 116 of our shows from the last two years are posted on the Public Affairs YouTube page . Our most recent shows w/ Democratic Primary U. S. Senate Candidate David Hoffman, 7th CD candidate Chicago Ald. Sharon Denise Dixon [24th Ward]and State Comptroller candidate Clint Krislov are now streaming.