Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bill Cadigan drops out of 10th Cong. District Republican Primary: Insufficient funds to compete, a tale oft told.

Updated on Thursday at 1:10 pm: Links added for Cong. Davis video, Bob Dold and Beth Coulson.
Cadigan drops out of 10th CD

Winnetka attorney Bill Cadigan [watch here] called last night, around dinner time, to let this journalist know that he had filed a notice of withdrawal as a 10th Cong. Dist. Republican Primary candidate. Simply put, he had not raised sufficient funds to execute the plans that would be required to win the primary. As the saying goes, money is the mother’s milk of politics, and the milkman was stopping too infrequently and dropping off too little milk when he did, at Team Cadigan.

A boost for Coulson?

Cadigan, who had been endorsed by Patrick Collins, former Chairman of the Illinois Reform Commission and former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger, said if he does endorse any of the remaining candidates it will not be until after January 1. Bill Cadigan worked for former 10th CD congressman John Porter and Cadigan was kind of a Porter look and sound alike in terms of demeanor, style and philosophy, i.e., a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean he would endorse her, Cadigan seemed to view State Rep. Beth Coulson as his closest competitor in terms of the voters he was seeking to support him.

Still four major candidates in 10th CD Republican Primary

That leaves four major candidates in the 10th CD Republican Primary: Bob Dold, State Rep. Beth Coulson, Arie Friedman and Dick Green. Dold probably has the most polish, best ground game and a decent amount of money. Coulson is the only candidate with a pre-existing political organization. She has run six general elections, including at least two and maybe more very competitive contests. Green has the most monetary wealth and therefore the ability and most likely the desire to run an intense air war.

Arie Friedman joins the foursome

I had thought until recently that Friedman was not a major candidate. I thought he had the right background, experience, knowledge, smarts and style to be a contender, but that he had entered the fray too late to compete. On spending some time with him, I have re-assessed him to be a major candidate.

Friedman's coalition

Although he probably will have a similar funding problem to that of Cadigan, Friedman has a few offsetting advantages: Jewish, a former military officer and a medical doctor. The Republican Jewish population in the 10th CD is significant and growing. The number of vets is substantial, as is the number of doctors. Friedman is far from the favorite, but it looks he has a shot. Non-traditional coalitions are difficult, but not impossible, to pull together.

Cadigan and Friedman, some shared values?

Say goodbye to Cadigan. He is a good sport and a good guy. Say Hello to Friedman. He is a good sport and a good guy who, like Cadigan, believes in transparency and democracy. Proving all of those things, he is scheduled to tape an episode of Public Affairs next week. Unlike Green, Dold and Coulson, Friedman seems to think he knows the issues and he is not afraid to let the voters see and hear how he thinks about the issues. What a refreshing change from Beth, Bob and Dick.
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