Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jim Nalepa, R Senate Candidate? On Cable and Streaming.

Updated on Wednesday at 1:30 am: You can now watch the show with Jim Nalepa on your computer by going to www.PublicAffairsTV.com
Jim Nalepa: ... Senator Durbin equated our troops to Nazis, to the Khmer Rouge and ...

Jeff Berkowitz: Is that fair? Did he really equate them to Nazis?
This week’s suburban edition of Public Affairs features Jim Nalepa, Potential Republican U. S. Senate Candidate .The airing schedule for the suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” is included, below.
The show with Jim Nalepa also airs through-out the City of Chicago this coming Monday night [July 30] at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] and on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 7:30 pm on Aurora Community Television, on Comcast Cable Ch. 10 in Aurora and some surrounding areas.
You may also watch the show with Jim Nalepa on your computer at PublicAffairsTV.com. In addition to the Nalepa show and 4th CD Candidate and Ald. Manny Flores, both of which shows are now posted, recent shows also currently posted on our video podcast site include a show with Frank Avila, Jr., containing predictions and assessments of the 4th CD race, Roberto Maldonado, a Cook County Commissioner who is also running in the 4th CD Democratic Primary in 2008, State Reps. Julie Hamos, Paul Froehlich and John Fritchey, Senators Sandoval, Syverson and Lauzen, Presidential candidatesRichardson, Obama, Giuliani, McCain and Cox, and many other pols and opinion makers.
Jim Nalepa, a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, served in the Army for six years, including combat status--leaving the Army as a Captain. He has been an executive recruiter for more than two decades.

Nalepa almost upset then twelve year 3rd CD Democratic Congressman Bill Lipinski in 1994. Nalepa, who lives in Hinsdale with his wife and kids, is taking an intense look at running in the Republican primary for the right to take on two term Democratic Senator Dick Durbin in 2008. The smart money says Nalepa will announce around Labor Day that he is a candidate for the U. S. Senate.
Nalepa debates and disusses a variety of domestic policy, foreign policy and cultural issues with show host and executive legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz.
A partial transcript of tonight's show is included, below:

Did Senator Durbin equate, in 2005, U. S. troops to Nazis?

Jim Nalepa [Potential Republican U. S. Senate Candidate]: …They remember very, very well what [Senator] Durbin said about our men and women in uniform in relation to the Abu Ghraib incident and Gitmo.

Jeff Berkowitz: What was it, do you remember it well, too?

Jim Nalepa: I sure do. Senator Durbin equated our troops to Nazis, to the Khmer Rouge and quite frankly—

Jeff Berkowitz: Is that fair? Did he really equate them to Nazis?

Jim Nalepa: Yes, he did. And, it is not fair, at all. You know, every once in a while you are going to have some bad apples out there. But, to go after American troops who are doing their duty and equate them to Nazis and Khmer Rouge, I don’t care what happened. That is very, very unfair. It is characterizing them the wrong way and—

Jeff Berkowitz: Was he talking about the people who were being interrogated at Gitmo? Detainees.

Jim Nalepa: Detainees at Gitmo and in Abu Ghraib and quite frankly, I had worse things done to me in the 82nd Airborne Division than had occurred in Abu Ghraib.

Jeff Berkowitz: Some of those things you would agree, No. 1, weren’t necessarily done by soldiers. They may have been private contractors.

Jim Nalepa: Absolutely.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, Senator Durbin might say that in his defense. Second, he might say he was talking about practices that were not helpful to the image of—

Jim Nalepa: Mr. Berkowitz, at any time our men and women in uniform are fighting overseas, are fighting for our freedom and putting their lives on the line, it is the duty of an elected official, especially a high ranking United States Senator to do nothing, or say anything, that could be misconstrued, worldwide, against our troops, and that’s what Senator Durbin did. And, Senator Durbin in his lukewarm, at best, apology, still has not come clean and truly apologized to those who wear our uniform and defend us and defend our freedom overseas on a daily basis.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, if you decide to run in the Republican Primary for the U. S. Senate seat, this will be an issue

Jim Nalepa: Absolutely.

Jeff Berkowitz: It will be one of the many issues you would be raising.

Jim Nalepa: Yes, it will.
Senator Durbin on the Public Payroll?

Jim Nalepa: And, I think that is a very interesting contrast. Dick Durbin has been on the public payroll and has drank the far left liberal Kool-aid in Washington for his entire life. He’s never had a real job. I’ve been on the front lines of freedom, I’ve worn our country’s uniform, and then I went in the private sector, just like the average everyday voter…
Republican Leaders asking Nalepa to run for U. S. Senate?

Jim Nalepa: …I’ve received calls from numerous high ranking Republicans around the state.

Jeff Berkowitz: Any you can mention?

Jim Nalepa: Absolutely, Frank Watson called me the day before the 4th of July and said, Jim, I’d really like to see you in the race.

Jeff Berkowitz: He’s the Republican leader in the State Senate?

Jim Nalepa: He’s the Republican leader downstate—

Jeff Berkowitz: From Greenville

Jim Nalepa: Absolutely…Danny Cronin, who is a State Senator who just took over as DuPage County Republican Chairman has called me and said, “Jim, I need you in this race, is there anything I can do for you.”
Senator Durbin [D-IL] drinking from Left-Wing, Liberal Kool-aid?

Jeff Berkowitz: …So, you characterized Senator Durbin as drinking from that…left-wing, liberal Kool-aid.

Jim Nalepa: The left-wing liberal Kool-aid and quite frankly--

Nalepa drinking from Right-Wing Conservative Kool-aid?

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, do you drink from the right-wing conservative Kool-aid?

Jim Nalepa: Well, I don’t necessarily drink from the Kool-aid because those groups have no hold over me. I am who I am—

Jeff Berkowitz: But, if you characterize Dick Durbin as a left-wing liberal, would you characterize Jim Nalepa as a right-wing conservative?

Nalepa a Reagan Conservative?

Jim Nalepa: I would consider myself a Reagan Conservative.

Jeff Berkowitz: A Reagan conservative?

Jim Nalepa: Absolutely. And, as we know, Ronald Reagan did very, very well with the voters, not only of Illinois, but the voters of this country.

Jeff Berkowitz: And, with the Democrats.

Jim Nalepa: Yes, he did.

Nalepa’s 1994 run for Congress against Cong. Bill Lipinski

Jeff Berkowitz: In the 3rd Cong. Dist., in which there were many Democrats, as you found out, who apparently chose to vote for you as a Republican [in 1994, Nalepa lost a close race, 52% to 48%, to then twelve year Democrat 3rd Cong. Dist. incumbent, Bill Lipinski, in a heavily Democratic, albeit culturally conservative, district]

Jim Nalepa: And quite frankly, I think there are a lot of conservative Democrats, especially in the City of Chicago and in Cook County who are looking for relief. They have no ties to the left wing liberalism that Dick Durbin has tied himself to.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, let’s get into the issues.

Jim Nalepa: Sure.

Jeff Berkowitz: The War in Iraq. It appears to be highly….
Jim Nalepa, potential Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate, as he is airing this week on Public Affairs in 35 Chicago Metro suburbs. [See below for the suburban airing schedule] and as will be airing on Monday, July 30, 2007, 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs and on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 7:30 pm on Aurora Community Television, on Comcast Cable Ch. 10 in Aurora and some surrounding areas. The show was recorded on July 15, 2007.[You may also go here to watch Jim Nalepa on PublicAffairsTV.com].
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