Monday, July 23, 2007

Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson: A Democrat tax cutter, Streaming video

The “Public Affairs,” fifteen minute interview with Presidential candidate and Governor Bill Richardson [D-NM] can now be watched here, along with shows with other Presidential candidates: including Senators Barack Obama [D-IL] and John McCain [R-AZ], and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Topics covered include the War, North Korea, Taxes, Charter Schools, School Vouchers, warrantless wire-taps, data mining of domestic phone calls, free trade, what it takes to win the Presidency, immigration, concealed carry and much, much more. For more about Governor Richardson and another partial transcript of the interview, go here.

An additional partial transcript of the interview is included, below.
Cutting Taxes in New Mexico:

Jeff Berkowitz: You want to see lower taxes.

Gov. and Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson [D-NH]: Yeah.

Jeff Berkowitz: You came into New Mexico [as Governor] and

Gov. Bill Richardson: I cut taxes

Jeff Berkowitz: You cut [income] taxes from 8.2 % to 4.9%. Right?

Gov. Bill Richardson: Yes and Capital Gains [tax cuts] and I cut taxes for businesses—

The Bush Tax Cuts:

Jeff Berkowitz: A guy like you. You must be for the Bush tax cuts, right?

Gov. Bill Richardson: I would not get rid of all of them. I would get rid of the 2% [tax cuts for the top 2% income earners] but I would replace his tax cuts with tax cuts for the middle class.

What's middle class?

Jeff Berkowitz: So, give me an income level. Would you raise taxes for families with incomes over $150,000?

Gov. Bill Richardson: That’s in some cases middle class.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you wouldn’t raise it for over $150,000?

Gov. Bill Richardson: Well, I’d have to--

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you raise it for [families with incomes] over $200,000? What’s the number?

Gov. Bill Richardson: Well, we’d—I’ve got to get my plans out.

Jeff Berkowitz: You don’t know?

New Mexico, the 5th Fastest Growing State

Gov. Bill Richardson: But, I am not a tax raiser. I believe in making this economy stronger—the way I did in New Mexico. We’re the fifth fastest growing state in the country. We attracted renewable energy companies, movies.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you’re a tax cutter.

Gov. Bill Richardson: I am a tax cutter and I am a Democrat and you can be both. But, I paid for that—

John Fitzgerald Kennedy- the tax cutter

Jeff Berkowitz: John Fitzgerald Kennedy cut taxes in the 60s.

Gov. Bill Richardson: That’s right and he’s my hero. But, I paid for those tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts are not paid for and we have this huge deficit [Ed. Note: But, see here and here for discussion of the shrinking federal deficit]
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