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Radogno and Dillard differ on Obama: Cable and soon to be Streaming

State Senator Christine Radogno[R-Lemont] is the featured guest on tonight’s [July 9] City of Chicago edition of "Public Affairs," airing at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] throughout the City of Chicago. Radogno is also featured on the Aurora edition of Public Affairs, airing at 7:30 pm in Aurora and some surrounding areas on Aurora Community Television, Comcast Cable Ch. 10. The Aurora station reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.
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Senator Dillard's ad for Obama and Senator Radogno's assessment of Obama, Compare and Contrast.

It is perhaps quite coincidental that just two days after we taped our show with Senator Radogno [R-Lemont], the Obama campaign started airing unusual ads featuring Republican State Senator and Former DuPage County Republican Chairman, Kirk Dillard [R-Westmont]. [See here]. In the ad [Watch here]
Dillard touts Senator Obama's presidential attributes and how Senator Dillard thinks the nation would benefit from Obama’s strong negotiation skills.

This is not the first time Dillard has found it advantageous to break with his party. A few years ago when Democratic Governor Blagojevich needed a few Republican votes on a bond sale, after the Republican caucus had agreed to remain united in opposition, Dillard stepped up to bat for the Democrats. One of Dillard's Republican Senate colleagues likened the act to being stabbed in the back.

Below, Deputy Senate Republican leader and State Senator Chris Radogno, who was a ’97 State Senate classmate of Barack Obama’s, who served with him each of the eight years Obama was in the State Senate, gives a somewhat different assessment of Senator Obama.

Whose assessment is more accurate? Senator Dillard’s or Senator Radogno’s?

Based on their assessments of Obama, who would the Illinois Republican Party rather have speaking for it? Dillard or Radogno?

We discuss, you decide.
Would Obama make a good Democratic Presidential candidate?

Jeff Berkowitz: Tell us, Barack Obama, would he make a good Democratic nominee for President of the United States?

Senator Christine Radogno [R-Lemont]: Well, you know, that’s a question I really can’t answer. I served with Barack, we came in together [in ‘97] and, of course, when you are classmates with someone, so to speak, you do get to know them a little bit—he also served on the Human Services Committee which I served on and was the Chairman of it near the end of his career in the Illinois Senate. But, that really was the extent of his experience, so I don’t know how transferable that particular experience is to become President of the United States. That’s the issue. He’s a nice enough guy. He is a bright guy, but his experience is pretty limited in terms of what he has actually done in government.
Obama, Easy Run into the Senate?

Senator Christine Radogno: He had a pretty easy run into the U. S. Senate…there was a wide open primary field and then Blair Hull who was a front runner, imploded because he was charged with beating his wife—

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, “beating his wife,” would be a little strong.

Senator Christine Radogno: I believe that is what it was.

Jeff Berkowitz: You know, there was a protective order and there was a skirmish, or something like that—

Senator Christine Radogno: Well, hitting your wife—

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, hitting on the knee [or on the shin]

Senator Christine Radogno: Well, at any rate, he imploded.

Jeff Berkowitz: Blair Hull has been on this show, before, and there was something in the press, but I think “beating his wife,” would be a little two strong.

Senator Christine Radogno: Ok, I will accept that. But, the point is that happened, which made it pretty easy for Barack in the Primary

Jeff Berkowitz: Before you get to Jack Ryan, he also had Dan Hynes [as a competitor]—and Hynes was thought to be a big name, his father served…

Senator Christine Radogno: Right.

Jeff Berkowitz: …some people thought the Chicago machine would be there for Dan and it was something like 54% to 25% for Barack in the Primary

Senator Christine Radogno: But, Blair Hull was the front runner for a long time—

Jeff Berkowitz: …a lot of that was before Barack spent a lot of his money on television…but it wasn’t a walk—there were six other candidates in that race: Hynes, Hull, Gery Chico, Maria Pappas—people who were thought to be somewhat vote getters, so you have got to give Obama that, right?

Senator Christine Radogno: Yeah, he won the primary.

Jeff Berkowitz: The general election, now that was another matter…
Jeff Berkowitz: So, your point, in any case, not a real tough race in the general election, he walked in…

Senator Christine Radogno: Correct.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, you know Barack as a person?

Senator Christine Radogno: Yes.

Obama, Formidable candidate for President?

Jeff Berkowitz: Formidable candidate running in the Democratic Primary for President?

Obama, Just another Cook County Politician?

Senator Christine Radogno: He is an articulate guy but I think what we are seeing now in the media is that he really is a Cook County politician. I mean, his ties are to Tony Rezko and the machine, so again, he is a nice enough guy, he is an intelligent guy, you can’t take that away from him, but I don’t know that he is this illustrious shining example of independence that would like to—

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you think he is just another pol [>See here]? That’s what some people say, he said he is very different. He certainly says he pushed ethics in the state senate, is that right? Was he known for what he pushed in ethics.

Obama: Mr. Ethics?

Senator Christine Radogno: No, he was the co-sponsor with, yeah, Senator Kirk Dillard [R-Westmont], so I don’t know that any of those were fresh, original—his ideas. I mean he was on those bills. But, again, his roots are in Cook County politics.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, you don’t get to be President of the U. S. without being somewhat tough; you know, you have to raise money-- it doesn’t mean you do anything illegal. It doesn’t mean he has done anything illegal—

Senator Christine Radogno: Right.

Money from Rezko a problem:?

Jeff Berkowitz: But, sometimes you take money from people before you really know what they’re all about, such might have been the case with Tony Rezko, right?

Senator Christine Radogno: Well, he [Obama] has taken quite a bit from Tony.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, do you think Obama should have known way back when [about Rezko]?

Senator Christine Radogno: Yes.

Jeff Berkowitz: He should have, in your view, so that’s something—

Senator Christine Radogno: Particularly, when you’re talking the amount of money we’re talking about, which is nearly $200,000 [raised by Rezko for Obama].

Jeff Berkowitz: But, they [Team Obama] say less. You know the Sun-Times says $160,000. The Obama campaign says 60K, or so, so there is a dispute on that [See here].

Senator Christine Radogno: Yeah.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, that’s Barack Obama. Back to Springfield. Four ring circus. Is that we have there?

Senator Christine Radogno: Four Ring Circus. Well, I suppose you could look at that way, with the four caucuses, maybe five ring, if you throw the Governor in there.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, go through the five ring circus for us.
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