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Better than Monday Night Football, U. S. Senate Candidate Nalepa?-- Cable and Streaming

Jeff Berkowitz: Warrantless wiretaps involving foreign-domestic calls?

Possible Republican U. S. Senate Candidate Jim Nalepa: Anything that we can do to insure the safety of the American people must be done.
Potential Republican U. S. Senate candidate Jim Nalepa is the featured guest on tonight’s [July 30] City of Chicago edition of "Public Affairs," airing at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] throughout the City of Chicago. Jim Nalepa is also featured on the Aurora edition of Public Affairs, airing at 7:30 pm in Aurora and some surrounding areas on Aurora Community Television, Comcast Cable Ch. 10. The Aurora station reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.
For more about Jim Nalepa and a partial transcript of tonight's show, please go here.
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More Aggressive interrogations of enemy combatants?

Jeff Berkowitz: On the following, just tell me whether we need more of the item, or less.

Jim Nalepa: Okay.

Jeff Berkowitz: Aggressive interrogations. Should we have more aggressive interrogations, or less?

Jim Nalepa: For enemy combatants?

Jeff Berkowitz: Enemy combatants.

Jim Nalepa: Yes, more aggressive

Warrantless wiretaps?

Jeff Berkowitz: [Should the government do] warrantless wiretaps involving foreign-domestic calls?

Jim Nalepa: Anything that we can do to insure the safety of the American people must be done.

Jeff Berkowitz: Does the Constitution require a judicial warrant, under the 4th Amendment, if we are going to wiretap somebody’s phone? Is it different because it is a foreign to domestic call?

Jim Nalepa: This is a very different war.

Jeff Berkowitz: Because we are at war?

Jim Nalepa: We are absolutely. If someone does not think we are in an ultimate fight right now, they are wrong.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you are comfortable with those warrantless wire-taps--

Jim Nalepa: Yes.

Jeff Berkowitz: On foreign to domestic calls?

Jim Nalepa: Yes.

Senator Durbin and Repealing the Bush Tax cuts?

Jeff Berkowitz: Bush Tax cuts--

Jim Nalepa: Excellent. They are the best thing—

Jeff Berkowitz: I think Senator Dick Durbin might like to repeal them

Jim Nalepa: He would like to repeal them. I would like to codify them. I would like to make them permanent and not only that—

Are the Bush tax cuts for the rich?

Jeff Berkowitz: He would say that they have been tax cuts for the rich and we have all these great [social] needs that are going unmet—

Jim Nalepa: When you take a look at our economy—

Jeff Berkowitz: Am I getting it right. Have you heard the Senator say that?

Jim Nalepa: I have heard him say that but naturally that is drinking from the well of left wing liberalism that any tax cut is for the rich. When you take a look at the economic engine that has been created since those Bush tax cuts, our stock market is at all time highs; business is expanding. There are more opportunities today than there has been in a generation. Why? Because we have gotten the burden of taxation off of--- What truly creates jobs? Business creates jobs, not government.

Tax cuts, the rich and jobs.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, you don’t apologize at all if high income people have benefited disproportionately from the tax cuts?

Jim Nalepa: Absolutely not. There is no apology necessary. Because that money flows into investments. And, that investment opportunity creates those jobs at the lower levels. Entry level jobs, in particular, which can really help folks that are out there that are struggling. They need those opportunities and the only way you can do that is create those types of incentives…
Potential Republican U. S. Senate candidate Jim Nalepa, interviewed on Public Affairs on July 15, 2007 and as is airing tonight in Chicago [8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21] and Aurora and surrounding areas [7:30 pm on ACTV, Comcast Cable Ch. 10], and as is now streaming on your computer at
Nalepa's background and experience:

Jim Nalepa graduated from West Point in 1978, and then served six years in the army, including combat status, and left the Army as a Captain. Nalepa came very close to winning the 3rd Cong. Dist. seat in 1994, losing to then twelve-year incumbent Democrat Cong. Bill Lipinski, 52%-48%.

Nalepa has been an executive recruiter for more than two decades. He resides in Hinsdale, with his wife and kids. Jim Nalepa is now considering a run in the Republican Primary for the right to take on two-term incumbent Democrat and the No. 2 person in the U. S. Senate, Senator Dick Durbin.

The smart money says Nalepa will announce his candidacy around Labor Day and will then proceed to win the U. S. Senate nomination in the Republican Primary. He already has the backing of State Senate Republican Leader Frank Watson and of State Senator and Chairman of the DuPage County Republican Party, Dan Cronin.

Questions and Topics covered in tonight's show with Jim Nalepa:

Potential Republican U. S. Senate Candidate Jim Nalepa debates and discusses with legal recruiter and show host Jeff Berkowitz the following questions and topics:

Has Senator Durbin ever held a non-government job? Should that be an issue in the Senate race?

Did Senator Durbin equate American troops to Nazis? If so, has he apologized sufficiently for that statement?

Does Durbin drink from the left-wing liberal Kool-aid? Does Nalepa drink from the right-wing conservative Kool-aid?
Does Nalepa qualify as a Reagan conservative? If so, does the Reagan label still have appeal in Illinois? Does America want to win the war in Iraq. Can it win? Is the surge working?

Can General Petraeus and the Coalition forces win a war of counter-insurgency in Iraq? Does the U. S. now have a new strategy or simply a new tactic in Iraq? Can and should the Coalition Forces seal off the Iranian and Syrian boarders to keep Al-Qaeda out of Iraq?

How should the U. S. handle the growing Iranian nuclear capability?

Can and should the southern boarder of the U. S. be sealed? Should the U. S. build a fence across the southern boarder? Should there be an earned path to citizenship for the twelve to fifteen million illegal immigrants currently in the U. S.

Would Nalepa try to use the bully pulpit of a U. S. senate seat to encourage charter schools and fully funded school vouchers across the country?

Should the Bush tax cuts be repealed or made permanent?

Should we have more or less aggressive interrogations for enemy combatants? More or less warrantless wiretaps of phone calls between domestic and foreign individuals? More or less data mining of domestic to domestic phone calls to identify terrorist related patterns.

More or less privatization of social security?

Is Nalepa a II-A guy?

Is he Pro-Life? Is he Opposed to same sex marriage?
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