Monday, February 13, 2006

Cong. Dan Lipinski, under fire and his opponent, John Sullivan, fires away, on Cable TV and the Web.

Portions of Jeff Berkowitz's interviews, airing on the The Illinois Channel [See here], deal with several issues making news in the race for the 3rd Congressional District seat, now held by Congressman Dan Lipinski [D-Chicago]. Congressman Lipinski is seeking re-election for the first time, but is being challenged in the Democratic Primary by John Sullivan [D- Chicago], a Cook County Assistant State's Attorney who is on leave from that office.

Sullivan has recently called for an investigation of whether Congressman Lipinski voted [or whether someone voted for him] in Illinois elections while he lived out of state, including a period of time while he lived in Tennessee. In this week's program about these issues, airing on the Illinois Channel, you will first hear a portion of Jeff Berkowitz's December 19, 2004 interview with Congressman Lipinski, conducted by Berkowitz shortly after Lipinski was elected to Congress. Secondly, you will hear an interview with candidate John Sullivan [conducted on February 1, 2006] regarding his allegations about apparent irregularities and inconsistencies in Lipinski's voting , statements about voting, voting law and the voting records.

Did Cong. Dan Lipinski [D-Chicago; 3rd Cong. Dist.] vote in Illinois, while living out of state, for a variety of time periods, including in 2002-4?. If yes, was that legal? If Dan Lipinski did not vote anywhere in 2002, as he told Jeff Berkowitz on Public Affairs, did someone else vote in Lipinski’s name in Illinois, as the voter records would seem to suggest. Do those issues or similar issues regarding potential “ghost voting,” by Cong. Dan Lapinski loom large as we approach the March 21, 2006 Primary election day?

Go here and click the pictures of Berkowitz, Sullivan and Lipinski to watch this show on your computer. Go here to ascertain where and when, across the state of Illinois, the two hour Illinois Channel block of programming airs on cable; the Lipinski-Sullivan segment will come on about 50 minutes into the start of the two hour block of programming.
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