Sunday, February 12, 2006

“Public Affairs,” goes national with Cong. Bean and Novak

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Robert Novak cited “Public Affairs,” in his nationally syndicated column, which appeared today in the Chicago Sun-Times and quite a few other newspapers across the country. [See Novak column and See, below].

The Novak referenced episode of Public Affairs, which aired in the suburbs last week and has been airing as a video podcast [See here] for about a week, features Congresswoman Bean [D-Barrington, 8th Cong. Dist.]. The Public Affairs episode with Cong. Melissa Bean airs tomorrow [Monday] night at 8:30 pm through-out the City of Chicago on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21.

For a partial transcipt of the conversation between Berkowitz and Cong. Bean on CAFTA [see here] and to watch or listen to the show on your computer [go here]. And, see here for a summary of some of the other topics discussed on the show with first term Cong. Bean, a discussion of the candidates running in the Republican Primary for the right to take on Congresswoman Bean and a discussion of how Cong. Bean came to represent the 8th CD.

To see what the 8th CD Republican Primary frontrunner and free trader, investment banker David McSweeney, has to say about Congresswoman Bean, the Teamsters and CAFTA, go here. And, to watch McSweeney discuss these and other issues, go here, to the show labelled David McSweeney, recorded Dec. 11, 2005.

The Illinois 8th CD includes chunks of northwestern suburban Cook County [35%] and more rural McHenry County [15%], and has its largest chunk of population in Lake County [50%]. Most of the Lake County and Cook County portion of the 8th CD would be considered to ba a part of the Chicago Metro area.

Congresswoman vs. Teamsters

Chuck Harple, national political director of the Teamsters, asserts that freshman Rep. Melissa Bean [D-Barrington, 8th Cong. Dist.] was not telling the truth in her latest TV interview when she denied pledging to him that she would oppose the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Jeff Berkowitz, interviewing Bean on Jan. 29 on Chicago public access, asked about this column [See here, Miscounting Bean] published that day quoting an unnamed Teamsters official as saying Bean had broke[n] [a] hard promise to oppose the trade pact. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she replied.

Berkowitz then said Harple had told him what the unnamed source had told me. She replied: "I'd have to talk to Chuck. I don't know what he's referencing. I don't recall any conversation like that with him." When I contacted Harple, he agreed to be identified as my original source as well as Berkowitz's. "I stand by what I said," he told me, adding that "in a representative government, telling the truth is of the greatest importance." [Emphasis Supplied].

Robert Novak, Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers across the Country, February 12, 2006
Since it took 35 years for the Democrats to unseat Cong. Phil Crane and win the 8th CD, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel will be fighting hard to retain it. On the other hand, Cong. Emanuel [D-Chicago, 5 CD] now has a candidate, Major L. Tammy Duckworth, who he thinks can give him a "pick-up," in the open seat in the nearby 6th CD, which retiring Republican Cong. Henry Hyde held for the last 32 years. And, a big funder honoring Cong. Hyde will be held in Chicago tomorrow [Monday] night.

Emanuel has enlisted, for his efforts in the 6th CD contested Democratic Primary, the fund raising ability of his long time friend, junior Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic No. 2 in the Senate, Whip and Senior Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, to help him in the 6th CD, and both Illinois Senators will help Rahm in the 8th CD general election, as well.

Also helping Emanuel in the 6th CD Primary, and perhaps in the 8th CD General, will be national media guru and long time friend of Emanuel, David Alelrod, who helped Barack Obama win easily what was thought to have been a tough Democratic seven candidate primary in 2004, setting Obama up for his National Democratic Convention keynote speech in July, 2004, which may have set him on the Road to the Presidency.

However, some think Rahm may be spreading himself a bit too thin, and with his intervention [some say invasion] in the 6th CD Primary, Emanuel may win the battle with Iraqi War Veteran and double amputee Duckworth, but lose the War in the General Election, having upset the netroot supporters of Duckworth's opponents, hardworking Christine Cegelis, who came within 12 points of beating Hyde in 2004 and Professor Lindy Scott, an unusually articulate candidate who is an evangelical former member of the clergy and currently professor at the Evangelical Wheaton College. [Go here to Watch both Cegelis and Scott debate the issues; Maj. Duckworth declined to join in this fray].

Also, by diverting some of his resources from the 8th to the 6th CD, Chairman Emanuel could be jeopardiziing the retention of first term Cong. Bean's 8th CD seat. On the other hand, the former Daley fund raiser and senior President Bill Clinton aide, Rahm Emanuel, didn't get where he is by not taking calculated risks, and winning much more often than he loses.
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