Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Sunday Funnies: Kerry parodies Kerry

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I am not asking even for the specific timetable of withdrawal. I am asking for [a] specific timetable of transfer of authority, of transfer of responsibility of the shift and the setting of the benchmarks specifically that allow us to bring our troops home.

Senator John Kerry [D-Mass.], earlier this week, speaking [for his sake] from an undisclosed location, and as quoted on Fox’s Beltway Boys, December 3, 2005.

Does anybody understand John Kerry? Can't he speak English? In the way presidential candidates are supposed to speak it?

What is he saying? That he is not asking for a timetable? But he is asking for a timetable “to bring our troops home.” Oh, now I see. He is not asking. But he is asking. Me, I was just asking why virtually none of the MSM are asking what the guy was intending to say.

One thing is for sure. Nobody is going to ask John Kerry if he was lying then or is he lying now. If no one can figure out what he is saying, no one will even care if he is telling the truth.

Like the time Kerry went hunting before the election. Not really hunting, Kerry was just parodying Kerry. Which is not hard to do. But, why does he want to do that?

Here is the thing. Kerry ran for President once and lost. His major problem was the appearance or reality of always equivocating. Remember, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." Okay, so it could be explained or nuanced away [See here].

The point is he can't keep doing that, even if he could explain each instance away. He is not trying to win a debating tournament. He says he might run again. Would somebody, e.g., one of his many advisers, explain to him he is trying to win an election. He wants voters to respect him, not think he can win any debate, even the ones he has with himself. And, making the same mistake--- again and again and again, isn't the way to win over voters. Good grief, he needs me to tell him this?
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