Sunday, November 27, 2005

Berkowitz, Flannery, Kay and Shaw jaw with Eisendrath, Blago’s Nemesis?

Could a former Chicago Alderman and former Clinton appointed HUD Administrator beat Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his 20 million dollar wallet? First, that potential Democratic Challenger to Hot Rod, Ed Eisendrath, tells us collecting that much money for a campaign is obscene. Second, he says he won’t self fund, even though it appears certain he could. Third, he is not sure he will run, but he does seem to be putting all the pieces in place. Fourth, the Republicans are ecstatic that Gov. Blagojevich may have to answer some tough questions and spend some of his war chest before the Republican nominee is even chosen.

See herefor a short Eisendrath interview with Berkowitz on the day before Thanksgiving, here for a Mike Flannery video clip from the week before with Eisendrath, here for the same from Andy Shaw and tune in to NBC-5 this morning at about 9:10 am for Ed Eisendrath’s visit to Dick Kay’s City Desk.
A partial transcript of the Berkowitz interview with Ed Eisendrath is included, below:
Jeff Berkowitz: The Republicans who are running in their [Gubernatorial] Primary, whether it is Jim Oberweis, whether it is Senator Bill Brady, whether it is Senator Steve Rauschenberger and Ron Gidwitz and Judy Baar Topinka, who … will make it official [on her Nov. 30 announcement, state fly-around, with Edgar and LaHood in tow?]. All of those folks have been talking about the Culture of Corruption in the Illinois Democratic Party. Is there a culture of corruption in the Illinois Democratic party?

Edwin Eisendrath [D- Chicago] : …it is a little disingenuous for this [public corruption in Illinois] to be seen as a partisan issue.

Jeff Berkowitz: because of what happened, you are saying, with [former Governor] George Ryan in the prior four years to this administration, but are you associating Governor Rod Blagojevich with that… way of doing business, that kind of corruption in the way he has handled the office in the last three years?

Edwin Eisendrath: Well, again, I haven’t done this. But, the U. S. Attorney has opened several investigations. The Attorney General has opened several investigations. The State’s Attorney of Cook County has opened investigations. We have already had somebody plead guilty. We have subpoenas going out for all kinds of records: computers, hard drives. All of this stuff is to investigate whether or not there is an issue with hiring. I just know that this was something that we promised voters-- would come to an end. We promised we’d do it. We have had four years, How much time does it take?
From a video interview with Edwin Eisendrath, November 23, 2005, in the Lobby at NBC Towers, in Chicago. [See here].
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