Friday, November 25, 2005

Lindy Scott and Mike Quigley on TV/ Webcasts

Our show with Prof. Lindy Scott [D-Wheaton, 6th CD Primary Candidate] is airing this Monday night, November 28, through-out the City of Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] at 8:30 pm. The show can also be watched anytime as a webcast on Public Affairs Cinema Verite [See here]
Our show with Mike Quigley, Cook County Commissioner and candidate for County Board President in the Democratic Primary, is airing now on Public Affairs Cinema Verite [See here] . The show will also air in 34 Chicago Metro suburbs this coming week. See here, for the "Public Affairs," regular suburban airing schedule; the show with candidate Quigley will also air Monday night, Dec. 5, through-out the City of Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] at 8:30 pm.
Of course, Quigley, Claypool and incumbent President Stroger are currently vying in the Democratic Primary for County Board President. With Sheriff Sheahan announcing he would not seek re-election, some are suggesting that would be an opportunity for Quigley to pursue. Not so much. One, former State Rep. Tom Dart [Sheriff Sheahan's hand picked successor] still seems to have the inside track on the Slating committee's endorsement, and former U. S. Attorney, Lt. Gov. candidate and Gov. candidate Jim Burns and others may pursue the Sheriff position even if Dart gets the endorsement.

Two, it would appear that Stroger would want Quigley in the County Board race to drain white votes from Claypool and vice versa. So, likely that Daley/Stroger would see to it that Quigley or Claypool would not be greeted by a welcome wagon in any other race [although if Stroger could ship the two reformers off as a pair, he would throw them the biggest farewell party you could imagine].

Three, Quigley and Claypool are really quite interested in cleaning up County Government, as opposed to wearing a badge. Yes, both are lawyers, but Sheriff would appear not to be their cup of tea, so to speak.

Four, Quigley told me Wednesday, "I am not seeking the Sheriff position today, on the day before Thanksgiving." Perhaps he meant it in the same way that Sandy [docs in pants] Berger once said, "I don't think I will start a war today," or something like that, leaving it open that Quigley could change his mind, but I don't think so.