Thursday, November 17, 2005

Topinka: The Country's Choice for Governor, says Walter

I don't mean to labor this issue [See post, immediately below], but again, What does Walter mean when he says, “She [Topinka] is right on the issues as far as the whole country is concerned."

Really, other than statements made over the last decade about the Treasurer's office and the vague, generalities she threw out in 2003-04, when Topinka reigned as State Chair, what could Walter Jacobsen, or anyone else, know about Judy Baar Topinka's position on public policy issues. We know she likes to participate in the Gay Rights Parade and voice her support for same, so we know she is in favor of Gay Rights. We know she is Pro-Choice on abortion, and we get the impression that she might favor Parental Notice. And, she tells us that the people in Illinois don't trust the Governor and they are "crying out," for a change in Leadership, and she would bring forth that change-- in Leadership, that is.

That is really about it. Indeed, it appears that the Edgar-Topinka Hamlet Soap Opera--"To Run or not to Run, that is the Question," has succeeded in shortening the Primary Campaign, at least as far as Judy is concerned, to the first 10 weeks of next year. If Jude announces sometime after Thanksgiving, as is now anticipated, we are into the Holidays, and of course, no one can campaign, at least on issues, when the Holidays are in full swing.

So, look for the Topinka campaign to be long on generalities and short on specifics. Lots of Softball interviews with cooperating journalists-- round up the usual suspects. The question for the likes of Rauschenberger, Oberweis, Brady and Gidwitz, if they all stick around, is how to defeat Topinka's desire to have an issueless campaign, and instead make it a campaign of issue contrasts, as Rauschenberger likes to say.

Well, Steve, Jim, Bill and Ron-- just call up Walter Jacobsen. He knows "she [Topinka] is right on the issues as far as the whole country is concerned." Perhaps Walter will disclose to you all of Topinka's positions on all of the issues, as well as the Country's positions on those issues [See the well known "Jacobsen poll"]. Maybe, Walter will even host a "fair and balanced," debate. Good Luck.
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