Monday, November 07, 2005

Gidwitz says won’t defer to Topinka

Terri Hickey, Communications Director for Republican Gubernatorial Primary candidate Ron Gidwitz, reacted this afternoon in a phone interview to Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka’s statements that “it is quite probable,” that Topinka will run in her Party’s primary for Governor. [See Greg Hinz article, here]. Topinka, in her third term as State Treasurer, is likely to make a formal declaration of her candidacy for Governor within two weeks.

To watch the most recent Ron Gidwitz “Public Affairs,” webcast interview, go here.
Jeff Berkowitz: Are you saying affirmatively that there is no way Ron Gidwitz will get out of this primary and he will be in it through March 31, 2006 Election Day?

Hickey: He is in the race to stay.

Berkowitz: No way he would make an arrangement or deal and consider a statewide office—perhaps a run for Treasurer?

Hickey: He is running for Governor.

Berkowitz: He won’t run under any circumstances for any other statewide office?

Hickey: No.

Berkowitz: What do you say [to the argument] that if you do that you enable [by splitting the socially moderate vote] somebody who is more socially conservative to win?

Hickey: We are looking forward to a good debate as to who has the best record to turn this state around. Ron is a fiscal conservative who believes in less taxes and small or more efficient government and he is the only candidate who has come out with a plan to change the culture of corruption in Springfield and those are the issues that he is running on and those are the important issues to the future of Illinois.
Phone interview, 1:00 pm, November 7, 2005