Wednesday, November 09, 2005

McKenna’s Favorite for Governor, according to Hernandez Gomez

Revised on Wednesday at 11:58 pm.

Carlos Hernandez Gomez commented:
[Andy McKenna, Jr.] says, "I want to be an honest broker, I want to talk to these candidates so that they can make the RIGHT decision," but I think it was pretty much obvious that Judy [Baar Topinka] was his favorite [for Governor]—I mean he had trouble hiding [it]: [McKenna] said she is a proven vote getter [and] she does well in Democratic and Republican districts.

Hernandez Gomez continued his comment:

And, I think she [Topinka] is someone--Let's look back at the quarter century when the GOP had the Governor's mansion. Look at who they had: Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar and to a lesser extent, George Ryan. These were MODERATES.

Carlos Hernandez Gomez, previously with WBEZ 91.5 FM, Chicago Public Radio and now CLTV's political reporter, speaking on a panel discussion on WTTW's Chicago Tonight on Monday, November 7, 2005. Carlos indicated he had interviewed State GOP Chairman McKenna earlier that day after Judy Baar Topinka had indicated she would probably be a candidate for Governor in the Republican Primary.

Public Affairs sought to confirm the accuracy of Hernandez-Gomez’s assessment of Chairman McKenna's true preferences by calling Chairman McKenna today, but he was unavailable and the State GOP's Press Secretary, Matt Leffingwell, did not return our call.
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