Thursday, November 17, 2005

Walter’s Wacky World: Topinka supported by the Country

Jack Conaty: …My suggestion, Walter, is that Judy Baar Topinka is as popular today as she is ever going to be. You know, once you get into this race, it is going to get bloody.

Walter Jacobsen: I agree with you and she is one heck of a good campaigner. And, she [Topinka] is right on the issues as far as the whole country is concerned. Maybe not as far as the Republican Party in Illinois is concerned.

Conaty: Right, but that gives her a more populist appeal, as you were just mentioning. But, I still think that she is going to have problems in a race against our incumbent.

Jacobsen: Oh, you do?

Conaty: Yes, I do.

Jacobsen Well, problems. But, bottom line, at this early stage, would you say you don’t think she can beat him [Gov. Blagojevich].

Conaty: I don’t think so. Not right now. Even if the race were held tomorrow, not right now.
Fox Chicago Perspectives, Sunday, November 13, 2005
What does Walter mean when he says, “She [Topinka] is right on the issues as far as the whole country is concerned."

Does Walter mean that the whole country is:

Pro- Choice on abortion, or pro abortion rights, as some would put it?

Pro- Gay rights, including same sex marriage rights? Indeed, is that Judy Baar Topinka’s view and how does Walter know?

In favor of not asking Bob Kjellander to step down as Illinois’ RNC member.

And does Walter know what Topinka’s views are on:Illinois First?

Raising the state sales or income tax?Raising other taxes or fees?

A $15 billion dollar expansion at O’Hare?

Approval of a smaller airport at Peotone?

A casino for Rosemont?

A city owned casino for Chicago?

The Governor’s All Kids Legislation?

Using managed care for Medicaid programs?

Merging the State Board of Education into the Governor’s office?

Expanding the number of Charter Schools?

Trying school vouchers, at least on a pilot basic?

Clamping down on “Pay to Play.”
Tax Swaps [lowering the property tax and raising the income tax]?

Legislating a state ban on assault weapons?

Expanding state subsidies for stem cell research, including embryonic stem cell? research.

Restricting a Woman’s right to have an abortion except if the life of the mother is at issue?

Requiring a minor daughter to notify her parents of a decision to have an abortion prior to the abortion?

In state tuition and drivers licenses for undocumented workers?

SB600, i.e., direct election of state central committee members?

So, when Walter says “She [Topinka] is right on the issues as far as the whole country is concerned,” Does Walter have any idea where Judy stands on the issues? How would he know? Any idea where the Country stands on the issues? How would Walter know?