Monday, April 11, 2005

The Sunday Funnies [delivered late].

Jim Angle [of the Fox News Channel, reporting on "Special Report"], “Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes took a few questions at an event in Washington, D.C. last night, one of them from a young woman who wanted to know the best decision Ailes ever made. Ailes said it was during his days as Executive Producer of the Mike Douglas show and had to do with an unlikely pair about to share a dressing room.” [Special Report rolls the video clip of Ailes speaking]:

Roger Ailes: We’ve got former Vice- President Nixon. We’ve got Little Egypt, a belly dancer with a boa constrictor. I said don’t put them together. And they ended up putting Nixon in my office. Nixon said, “It’s too bad you have to rely on a gimmick to get elected on television. I was a television producer. I said, “you’re nuts, you’re never going to win again.” And, so I got a call from a friend of mine, Len Garment, who said, would you come and produce some television? I did. He won. People thought I knew what I was doing. I built my own company. It was fine. I had a good time. Had they put Little Egypt in my office—I wouldn’t be here tonight. We’d all be doing--

Jin Angle: Well, it’s a good thing Little Egypt went in the other room.

As reported on Fox News Channel’s daily “Special Report [national news and analysis show] with Brit Hume,” by Jim Angle, who was sitting in for anchor Hume on April 8, 2005, as Angle usually does on Fridays. [The show airs every weekday on the Fox News Channel on Comcast Cable in the Chicago metropolitan area at 5:00 pm and is repeated at 11:00 pm]