Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sneed's List

As I discussed in my blog entry of yesterday [read here], Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed seems to have a penchant for reporting old news without taking care to cite to the original, or at least previously published, source. Chicago Tribune columnist and Notebook blogger Eric Zorn tabulates and describes, with his usual humor and grace [read here], this activity on Sneed's part.

Contrary to my initial reaction on seeing my stuff repeated, without citation, in Sneed's column of yesterday, I'm feeling pretty good. After all, I now know that I am, at least by one measure, in pretty good company as a writer, joining what Eric Zorn could have dubbed as Sneed's list: the Daily Herald's Eric Krol, the AP's Maura Kelly Lannan, the Daily Southtown's Kristen McQueary, the Illinois Leader, and now "Public Affairs' Jeff Berkowitz," showing that Michael Sneed has pretty diverse taste buds when she decides from whose plate she will dine. Winnetka's Sneed and Diversity: who would have thunk it?

Sneed's List: Krol, Lannan, McQueary, the Illinois Leader and now Berkowitz. As Ronald Reagan said, in the somewhat different context of giving his Farewell Speech to the Nation in 1988--after a look back at the Reagan Revolution, "All in all, not bad, not bad at all."
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