Monday, March 15, 2004

Okay, boys and girls.

It is 9 hours until post time at the polls, and the results are as follows:

I would be tempted to say, simply, congratuations Barack- Dan, and Jack- Jim, we were with you all the way, but since Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune columnist, blogger and Master of the Bloggers will not accept such for the Blog Bowl, here are the predictions. Remember, "Public Affairs" is fair and balanced, so these are not necessarily the numbers I prefer, simply those I am predicting will occur on March 16, once the polls close.

Democratic Primary:

Barack Obama- 35%

Dan Hynes - 30%

Blairi Hull - 18%

Maria Pappas- 8%

Gery Chico- 6 %

Joyce Washington- 2 %

Nancy Skinner- 1 %

Republican Primary:

Jack Ryan- 33%

Jim Oberweis- 27%

State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger- 21%

Andy McKenna, Jr.- 12 %

General John Borling- 4 %

Jonathan Wright- 2 %

Dr. Charinjeev Kathuria- 1 %

Hill 0 %

Voter Turnout 36 %