Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Last night's (Monday Night, March 8) City of Chicago Edition of Public Affairs
8:30 pm, Cable Ch. 21;

Guests: 7 U. S. Senate Candidates
Contact: JEFF BERKOWITZ, 312-214-6122

Quotes from the show:

Jeff Berkowitz: As we have been talking about before, to win in this kind of a major race, you need money [and a base], you need an organization, and you need a clear message-- it has got to be clear, cogent and crisp--not just a message, it has got to be the right kind of message, and most of all...handlers talk about a likeability quotient...I think you will get a sense of whether they are likable... and we will start out with the candidates who we think are on the top-- on the Republican side, it is Jack Ryan and on the Democratic side, it is State Senator Barack Obama...all right, Mike, let's roll that tape...
[Above Intro taped on 2/20/04]

Berkowitz: ...Would you say that your policy is one of favoring, with respect to the War on Terrorism, law enforcement [actions] and better intelligence as opposed to military action?

Barack Obama: I don't think it is an "either or" proposition, I think there is an important place for the military. I think our actions against Afghanistan were entirely appropriate...

Press Conference at WTTW, Feb. 17, 2004 and as cablecast tonight, March 8, 2004 on Public Affairs at 8:30 pm on Ch. 21
Jeff Berkowitz: ...Did [President] Bush sell this war as one way to reduce the exposure from WMD and (2), if we don't find WMD, does that reduce his credibility or the United States' credibility...?

Jack Ryan: Well, he sold it on that basis and he still may be right, who knows-- he has the intelligence that neither you nor I know about...but since we have gone there, the situation is much worse than we ever imagined-- he killed hundreds of thousands of his own people; He stole billions of dollars from an impoverished people...he did, he invaded Kuwait

Berkowitz: I wasn't shaking my head to indicate disagreement

Jack Ryan: He did all this and, even if they aren't there, we know he had the capacity in the past to produce WMD on short notice because he did it against his own people-- the Kurds-- and the Iranians, so we know--isn't it interesting that Qaddafi, after we dragged Saddam out of the hole, says, "Oh, I would like to negotiate with the U. S., would you mind coming in and inspecting my plants, too."

Berkowitz: So, [you are saying] this has a demonstration effect to persuade others who may have been threats to us in the future--perhaps they ought to be more friendly to the United States?

Ryan: Absolutely right. And, it is kind of a domino theory. We are finding that North Korea now wants to be a little more flexible in talking to us, and Libya is saying come in and visit our plants, too-- not a shocking development in my view, suddenly countries that were on the forefront of being tough and terrorists and supporting terrorists are saying, maybe that is not the right way to go.
Interview of Jack Ryan on January 17, 2004 and as cablecast tonight, March 8, 2004 on "Public Affairs," at 8:30 pm on Ch. 21
Gery Chico: Do you have health care? Do you have health insurance here?

Employee: No.

Chico: That's bad, man. What do you do? Tu tienes ninos?

Employee: Inaudible

Chico: Quantos?

Employee: Dos

Chico: Quantos anos tiene?

Employee: Siete, Ocho

Chico: Es necessario...Que pasa tu nino esta infirma

Employee: No tenemos ...
Gery Chico on the Campaign Trail and as cablecast tonight, March 8, 2004 on Public Affairs at 8:30 pm on Ch. 21
Jeff Berkowitz: Are you a bit premature in criticizing the President [on his proposal to deal with illegal immigration]?

Gery Chico: I don't think so. I only respond to what I see. I haven't seen the third year extension that you talk about. I think the worry right now to people who are working in this country, people who are not citizens is that if they identify themselves, give their name, their location, their employer and then at the end of three years, there is no means by which for them to be permanently, legally here-- they have all just identified themselves and it could amount to be one of the largest deportations we have ever seen in our history. And, I think people are very scared about that.

Interview with Gery Chico on January 29, 2004 and as cablecast tonight, March 8, 2004 on Public Affairs at 8:30 pm on Ch. 21
The remainder of the show includes a "virtual face-off" between the first tier candidates-- Jack Ryan and Barack Obama-- on School Vouchers and Taxes, and a "virtual match-up," in the second tier between Dan Hynes and Jim Oberweis, with Hynes discussing War and Abortion and Oberweis on, what else? illegal immigration and a virtual match-up in the third tier between Blair Hull on Special Interests and World Peace through Inspectors, Gery Chico on a path to allow illegal immigrants to become citizens of the U. S. and Steve Rauschenberger on immigration.

Please call (312-214-6122) or email with any political buzz you may wish to provide. We will only identify sources if the sources ask us to do so or tell us we may do so.

Partial Transcripts of some of Berkowitz's U. S. Senate candidate interviews (Obama, Chico, Hull, Washington, Skinner, Rauschenberger, Oberweis, Kathuria, Wright and Borling) are included at www.ericzorn.com/extra/senate.

Schedule of upcoming City of Chicago episodes of "Public Affairs:"

Monday, March 15, Interview with Senate Candidate Jack Ryan (R) outside the America Israel Political Action Conference, Interview with Senate Candidate Steve Rauschenberger (R), Interview with Senate Candidate Maria Pappas (D) and exclusive video clips of Cliff Kelly's (WVON 1450 AM radio) on air and off air discussion with Democratic Senate Candidates Barack Obama, Gery Chico, Maria Pappas and Joyce Washington on February 27, 2004

Monday, March 22, Cong. Jan Schakowsky (D- Evanston, 9th CD) debates and discusses domestic and foreign policy issues with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz.

Monday, March 29, Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune Columnist, pays off on his losing wager(Gambling on The George Ryan indictment, how ironic for George) and appears on "Public Affairs," to debate School Vouchers with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz. Berkowitz and Zorn also discuss the "evolution" of George Ryan, whether the Illinois GOP is ready to be rebuilt and make their Senate race predictions (in a show taped on March 6, 2004)