Wednesday, March 03, 2004

More Buzz: BLair Hull, Special Interests and Improprieties- A judgment call?

Jeff Berkowitz: Let's go to Tier 3, which in the Democratic Party includes Blair Hull and Gery Chico...

Jeff Berkowitz: All right, Mike, let's roll that tape--

Jeff Berkowitz: [Blair Hull], you have made a big pitch in your [Senate] campaign about "special interests," that because of your wealth- you don't have to accept contributions from special interests and therefore you are not beholden to anybody. And, yet, it has been asserted that you have won the support of [Cong.] Bobby Rush (D- 1st CD) and the support that he might bring to you in the African American community by putting one of his brothers on your campaign staff at a high paying salary and it has been asserted that you got the support of [Cong.] Luis Gutierrez (D- 4th CD) who may bring the support of the Hispanic community in exchange for we don't know what. So, are you beholden to those special interests-- not the African American community, not the Hispanic Community, but the special interests of Bobby Rush and Luis Gutierrez?

Blair Hull: First, I am very pleased to have the support of Cong. Rush and Cong. Gutierrez. They are the kind of independent legislators that we need in the SENATE. As for Marlin Rush, I am really pleased to have him. He is a very talented person and has knowledge-- a vast amount of knowledge in the city, so we are very fortunate-

Jeff Berkowitz: Is there the appearance of impropriety, as we say in the ethical area because-- I don't know the man. He may be qualified. He may not. But, this can't be the only job he could work at. So, given your relationship, given what you have obtained from [Cong.] Bobby Rush, was it perhaps poor judgment to put him on your campaign?

Blair Hull: First of all, I obtained-- Bobby Rush had the courage to stand up and say I was the best candidate and he endorsed me. The fact that we have access to his brother-- his brother was available and we were very fortunate to have him.

Press Conference at WTTW after the "Student Voices," Senate Candidate Forum, taped on February 17, 2004, and this clip is being cablecast on the suburban edition of "Public Affairs," this week and will air on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs next Monday night (March 8) at 8:30 pm on Ch. 21.