Thursday, March 04, 2004

More Buzz: The sharks smell blood. Will the sharks continue to attack? Or, will they worry that they won't be able to get the spots out, especially if there is no blood, so to speak? Down by 20 or 30 points, I am sure they think they have a clear choice.

General John Borling: ...Now, as you know, the empty chair on my right, here, which we hoped had been filled but is normally absent in these kind of debates...but we think the individual and we are talking about Jack Ryan is going to have to own up with respect to some of these questions about sealed court records, about some of the proponents and calls that he has made with respect to credentials and all this will be legitimate fodder as we have all discussed

Steve Rauschenberger: More importantly, Jack Ryan is not just asking to be the United States Senator, he is asking to be the Republican nominee. If he wants to run as an independent, he can keep his [divorce] records sealed. If he wants to represent my party, I think he has to understand that the kind of scrutiny that Blair Hull underwent will be inflicted upon the Republican candidate that comes out of this primary process, having a candidate who is not tested, who is not trusted, who has not been in public office, who has not been through the electoral process before is what puts our party at risk.

Phil Ponce: So, you are saying it is good for the Party, it would be good for the Party for Jack Ryan to, uh,

Ruaschenberger: Come Clean

Ponce: to unseal his Divorce records

Andy McKenna: I would just like to say on Jack Ryan's behalf because I don't know all of the things being referred to but I assume, in Jack Ryan's case, that there are no issues but the disclosure [of his sealed divorce records] helps answer that question, for him, as well.
Republican Senate Candidate discussion on a Chicago Tonight Special, March 3, 2004

Jeff Berkowitz: You seemed to jump on the criticism, but not so clearly, of Jack Ryan regarding opening up his divorce records [that are] under seal. Could you clarify that here?

Andy McKenna: I am just embracing generically the notion of disclosure. My focus that I established back on February 12th is that I did release a code of ethics that I asked all candidates to follow-- release 5 years of your income tax [records] to all terms of-- I don't have any information that suggests to me that there is a problem here thaty would fit, that requires disclosure, but I think that the more transparency on behalf of any candidate is great, you know and I don't know any more about this-

Another media member: So, are you saying that Mr. Ryan should disclose the records or should not disclose the records?

McKenna: There was a question raised about it. Yes, I think generically, generally speaking, disclosure is good.

Anothe Media Member: But what about Mr. Ryan. What about his child custody records that are sealed in Los Angeles?

McKenna: I don't know anything about that

Another Media Member: So, are you saying he should not or should disclose?

McKenna: I don't know anything about that

Media Member: Do you want them released or you don't want them released?

Steve Rauschenberger: I don't care about that issue. I care about why he is not here to explain them.

Jeff Berkowitz: What is there to explain? What do you know that causes you to ask that he release his divorce records that are under seal?

Steve Rauschenberger: I don't know where you have been. We just saw the whole affair play out in the Democratic Primary of Blair Hull and the sealed-

Berkowitz: It was public that he [Hull] had an order of protection [issued on him]. Do you have similar or comparable information about Jack Ryan?

Rauschenberger: It is not my job to research Jack Ryan. I don't have oppostion research people. I just want to know why Jack Ryan is not here, representing himself before the people he would like to vote for him.
Press Conference at WTTW after the Republican Senate Candidate discussion on Chicago Tonight, March 3, 2004.