Thursday, November 19, 2009

10th CD Republican Candidate State Rep. Beth Coulson to meet with RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

10th CD Republican Primary Candidate State Rep. Beth Coulson (R-Glenview) is scheduled to meet tomorrow afternoon, in the Chicago Loop, with RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

It is not known by this journalist if Chairman Steele will be meeting on this trip to Chicago with any other 10th CD candidates.

Coulson is vying for the 10th CD Republican nomination with three other major candidates: Small businessman Bob Dold (Kenilworth); Wealthy financial sector entrepreneur Dick Green (Winnetka); and attorney Bill Cadigan (Winnetka). Ari Friedman, a retired military officer and peditrician entered the race recently and it is thought that it might have been too late for Friedman to become a credible contender. Patricia Bird and Paul Hamann are not thought to have a serious chance to win the nomination.

On the Democratic side, the major contenders are Dan Seals (who was the Democratic nomninee for the 10th CD seat in 2006 and 2008) and 11th year State Rep. Julie Hamos (Evanston).

The current 10th CD incumbent, Cong. Mark Kirk (R-Highland Park), who has held the seat since 2000, is expected by most knowledgeable pundits to win, farily easily, the 2010 Republican Primary nomination for the U. S. Senate and is the current, slight favorite to win the general election contest in the fall over State Treasurer Giannoulias, Former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman or former Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Jackson.