Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cong. Schakowsky will not run for the U. S. Senate in 2010

Reliable sources have told this journalist that Cong. Jan Schakowsky (D- Evanston, 9th CD) will announce tomorrow morning her decision not to run in the 2010 Democratic Primary for the Senate seat previously held by Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, Democratic President Barack Obama and currently held by Democratic Senator Roland Burris.

This journalist's operatives tell him that the challenge of keeping up financially with the likes of a Kennedy (namely Kenilworth’s Chris Kennedy, son of RFK) and Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias was more than Cong. Schakowsky wanted to take on.

Of course, Cong. Schakowsky, in her 1998 Primary to win her congressional seat took on the money of J.B. Pritzker and the political power of State Senator Howard Carroll and emerged victorious. Moreover, Cong. Schakowsky was an early, tireless and significant supporter of Obama in his big win in the seven candidate 2004 U.S. Senate Democratic Primary and that work was repeated nationally as a co-chair of his campaign for President.

However, the Giannoulias family was a big time early financial supporter of Obama’s in his 2004 Senate Primary and Obama reciprocated by helping Giannoulias beat Speaker Mike Madigan’s Democratic Primary candidate in 2006 for State Treasurer and then helped Giannoulias win the general election over Republican State Senator Chris Radogno. And, of course, the Kennedys (at least Teddy and Caroline) are known for both their fund raising ability and their strong support of Obama over Hillary Clinton.

Further, with several whites dividing that vote, an opportunity exists for a strong African-American voice to mobilize that vote. While Senator Roland Burris does not fit that bill, Urban League President Cheryle Jackson might, notwithstanding her prior, extensive work for and stout defenses of the now impeached and indicted Gov. Blagojevich, as the good Governor’s Press Secretary and Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications during Blago’s first gubernatorial term.

To top things off, with the damage done to the Democratic brand in Illinois by Blagojevich, the poor performance of the Democrats (who control the State House, Senate and Governor's Mansion) in dealing with the current state budget deficit and the turmoil at the Cook County Board under Democratic President Todd Stroger, the Illinois Republicans are poised for a comeback. Perhaps ready to lead the charge is moderate Republican Cong. Mark Steven Kirk (R-Highland Park, 10th CD), who is given a reasonable shot at returning the Obama Senate Seat to the Republican column, should Kirk run.

Finally, Cong. Schakowsky has an extremely safe seat, is part of the House leadership team and enjoys a close personal and professional relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In short, a run for the Senate by Cong. Schakowsky would entail lots of risk and relatively little gain.

For all of the above reasons, following a discussion with 5th grade students tomorrow morning at a school in Skokie, IL, Cong. Schakowsky will announce at a media availability at 10:45 am that she will not seek to become the next junior Senator from the State of Illinois.

When this journalist informed Trevor Kincaid, Cong. Schakowsky's Communications Director, earlier this evening that he would be publishing a report tonight of Cong. Schakowsky's decision not to seek the U. S. Senate seat in 2010, Kincaid indicated that he had no comment other than to confirm that Cong. Schakowsky's decision on the matter would be discussed at tomorrow morning's media availability.
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