Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Better than Carol Marin w/Hamos and Murphy: Berkowitz w/possible Guv candidate Dan Proft; Cable and Streaming

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re not embarrassed at all by ..Jim Kimberly [Chicago Tribune] said $500,000 …almost $600,000 that you were getting [annually from Cicero], from the high school…from, …and then there is a $400,000 line item for in-house [PR]. For the size of this Village, it sounds enormous…I’m nor saying it is shady, but it looks shady. [watch the show with Dan Proft].

Dan Proft [Possible 2010 Republican candidate for Governor]: No, it doesn’t look shady.

Jeff Berkowitz: It doesn’t?

Dan Proft: No, it does not look shady.

Jeff Berkowitz: I mean, Carol Marin [WTTW, Sun-Times and NBC Chicago] writes about it.

Dan Proft: Well, Carol Marin makes it look shady because she has an axe to grind.

Jeff Berkowitz: What’s her axe to grind?

Dan Proft: She is a liberal Democrat. She is somebody who has written the same story about Cicero for twenty years. She is not about to change her storyline.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, then some would say Cicero is not about to change—

Dan Proft: Except Cicero has changed.
Dan Proft: …[Carol Marin] has no concern for the facts, she is the one who is unethical by the way she chooses to disregard facts that are inconvenient to a storyline she has set.
Dan Proft: I am not going to be a pin cushion to the liberal media in this town.
[For a more substantive partial transcript of and a detailed summary of topics discussed on the show with Proft, please go here.
This week’s suburban edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, possible candidate for Governor in the 2010 Republican Primary. Go here for the Chicago metro suburban, City of Chicago, Aurora and Rockford airing schedules for the show with Dan Proft, as well as a description of some of the topics discussed on the show.
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