Thursday, May 14, 2009

A virtual debate between Gov. Quinn and Sen. Murphy on a 50% state income tax increase: Streaming to you now

To watch a ten minute virtual debate between Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D-Chicago) and Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine), please go here (5 minutes) and here(5 minutes).

The debate is "moderated," by Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz and focuses on Governor Pat Quinn's proposed 50% increase in the state income tax, the state budget deficits in fiscal years 2009 and 2010 and certain aspects of education, as discussed by Illinois' Gov. Pat Quinn in a portion of a press conference held on May 8, 2010 in Chicago at the Thompson Center and as discussed by Senator Matt Murphy on "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz," in a portion of a show taped on May 3, 2009.

Note the prominence in Senator Murphy's calculus of the Federal government's economic stimulus contributions to Illinois. Surprisingly, the impact of stimulus contributions has generally been omitted from this week's discussions of the budget deficit in the panel discussions and interviews led by WTTW's Carol Marin on "Chicago Tonight," and Jack Tichenor on "Illinois Lawmakers." The effect of that omission is to make deficits look larger than they are and tax increases more attractive than might otherwise be the case. Would that treatment of the Fed's stimulus contributions be "fair and balanced." We raise the issue, you decide.

Finally, Senator Murphy has said he is a "definite maybe," in terms of making a run for Governor in the Republican Primary. Also, having come this far, it seems unlikely that Gov. Quinn wouldn't seek to keep the office he inherited from Gov. Blagojevich's impeachment little more than one hundred days ago. Thus, it's possible the Quinn-Murphy virtual debate is a preview of things to come in the latter half of 2010. Or, at the very least, it gives you a glimpse of what such a match-up would look and sound like.
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