Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Berkowitz w/Senator Matt Murphy (Now Streaming): Does Matt have the Right Stuff to be IL Governor? We question on the issues, you decide

Joe Morris, setting the stage for the Illinois Guv race in the Republican Party

Just two weeks ago, we interviewed Joe Morris [watch Morris here] [read about the Morris show here], the intellectual Godfather of the Conservative Movement in Chicago and he argued forcefully that SB 600, which provides for the direct election of Republican Party State Central Committee members, is a good litmus test to separate the true reformers from the non-reformers in the Illinois Republican Party. [SB600 has passed the Senate, with the help of Dems, but not yet passed the Illinois State House]. Morris also argued that the Republican Party needs more, not fewer, contested primaries to assess the candidates, on their ideas and their abilities.

Talking with Senator Murphy, the State GOP’s latest wunderkind?

Then, three days ago, we interviewed State Senator Matt Murphy [watch here], a third year legislator [and attorney] from Palatine, who has become a leader in the State GOP’s fight to fix the state budget deficit without raising the state income tax or the sales tax. Murphy argues for economic and job growth, led by low taxes and low fees that will stimulate the private sector. This sounds like change the grass roots and the Republican Party base can “believe in,” and get behind.

Murphy, getting his oars tangled as he trips over SB 600?

However, Murphy did not vote for SB 600, failing the Joe Morris litmus test. Further, Murphy says he is talking to some party leaders about running for Governor and is also talking about getting Republicans to “row in the same direction,” in terms of deciding about a Republican Party nominee for Guv. In the words of Morris, is Senator Murphy a “Royalist,” hoping to have the so-called Party Leaders, e.g., State GOP Chairman McKenna and his friends with money, anoint him as the Republican Party gubernatorial candidate, at the expense of a vigorous grassroots primary, or is Murphy simply trying to make sure the Republicans don’t destroy each other in a dog-eat-dog Primary.

BTW, Senator Murphy had been looking at a run for Cook County Board President in 2010, but he says he has decided not to make that run. Others suggest Murphy has been pushed aside by 2002 Democrat Guv Primary candidate Paul Vallas, who appears ready to pull a reverse “Arlen Specter," join the Republican Party and run for Cook County Board President.

Does Murphy have the Right Stuff to lead the State GOP out of the political wilderness?

In any event, take a look here to decide if you think Murphy has the Right Stuff to win the Republican Party nomination for Governor, and then beat Gov. Pat Quinn, Attorney General Lisa Madigan or whomever the Dems put up for Guv in the General Election.

Of course, Senator Murphy has yet to throw his hat in the ring. He is “actively considering,” it or in somewhat of an oxymoron, he says he is a “definite maybe.” Finally, the show host of Public Affairs, who is sometimes slow on the uptick, didn’t realize until the last five minutes of the show that Murphy might be running for Governor. Thus, the show doesn’t take Murphy through the full gamut of public policy and cultural issues reserved for “candidates.”

That test will be reserved for another day, but we know Matt Murphy [from our prior shows] to be a social conservative and this show gives you a pretty good idea of much of the rest, especially how he would grapple with the budget deficit, which perhaps is one of the two or three key issues of the gubernatorial election. [If you prefer watching the show on your TV, it will be airing in the Chicago Metro Suburbs the Week of May 18 and in Chicago, Aurora and Rockford the Week of May 25 [See this post for the Public Affairs airing schedules].
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