Monday, May 04, 2009

Senator Matt Murphy joins those mulling a run for Governor in 2010

Senator Matt Murphy [R-Palatine]: Well, you know I like Dan [Proft], I have a lot of respect for Dan…he is a bright guy, very articulate [Ed. note: it appears that Proft will launch an exploratory campaign for Guv by May 17, 2009].

Jeff Berkowitz: ...does the Republican Party need somebody like that [to run for Governor], somebody who is clear of the old establishment, the Daley-Ryan Combine…somebody who is going to talk about the kind of [economic] growth that you are talking about, you know keeping taxes low…generating new employment, something to inspire folks

Senator Matt Murphy: I don’t think there is any question- that’s exactly what we need.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, who satisfies that?

Senator Matt Murphy: Well.

Jeff Berkowitz: You’re not giving me anything here.

Senator Matt Murphy [R-Palatine]: Are you looking for me to announce my candidacy on the show tonight?

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, if you want. Either give me you or throw up somebody else.

Senator Matt Murphy [R-Palatine]: … I have talked to some people about running next year [for Governor] and it is something that we are actively considering.

Jeff Berkowitz: But, you need something to excite people. What about…
From an upcoming episode of “Public Affairs,” taped on Sunday afternoon, May 3, 2009
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