Monday, June 30, 2008

Better than Stephanopoulos w/ Emanuel and Pawlenty: Berkowitz w/13th CD Dem Candidate Harper on Cultural issues: Cable and Streaming

Where is Cong. Judy Biggert?

Jeff Berkowitz: Let’s go very quickly over to the social issues… Guns, gays, God, and abortion—I think that’s what Howard Dean said—[he said] Democrats needed to talk more about [those issues]. And we’re going to continue to speak as the credits roll, but I very much want to thank our guest, Scott Harper, who is running for Congress. He is running in the 13th congressional district, and he is the Democrat running against the Republican incumbent, Judy Biggert. As we’ve said before, we’ve spoken with Congresswoman Biggert about coming out [to the show]. She seems a bit slow in the last month or two [in terms of] getting back to us as to her appearance. We don’t endorse candidates, but we do endorse the notion that every candidate should do what Scott Harper has done: come here, face the issues, communicate with our viewers and with his voters. Thanks again, so much for coming, Scott.

Scott Harper [D-Lockport, 13th CD candidate]: Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff Berkowitz: We hope Congresswoman Biggert will follow your model.

Scott Harper: I hope to sit on a set with her.
[Discussion by candidate Harper of his view that the 13th CD is becoming more Democratic and of his view that the people are frustrated by “how far to the right the Republican Party has gone under George Bush.”]
Partial Birth Abortion

Jeff Berkowitz: Social issues. Abortion. Would you support the ban on partial-birth abortion? There is a congressional ban. It was voted, it was affirmed by the Supreme Court. Ban on partial-birth abortion. Yes or no? Support it?

Scott Harper: I am a pro-choice candidate. And I’m proud to support a woman’s right to choose.

Jeff Berkowitz: So you would like to see that ban overturned.

Scott Harper: I’m worried about the implications of that ban.

The Federal Assault Weapon Ban

Jeff Berkowitz: Guns. Would you like to bring back the ban on assault weapons, which lapsed? The federal ban.

Scott Harper: On guns—I think the Second Amendment is very important.

Jeff Berkowitz: But the ban on assault weapons? Should it be brought back? The federal ban?

Scott Harper [D-Lockport, 13th CD candidate]: I’m not sure.

Same Sex Marriage

Jeff Berkowitz: Same-sex marriage. Yes or No?

Scott Harper: I think people, gay or straight, should be treated equally.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, does that mean you would be in favor same sex marriage? Should states allow same sex marriage, as California is doing now.

Scott Harper: I am in favor of the identical treatment. So, whether that’s marriage or that’s civil unions, that’s what I am in favor of.

Parental Notice

Jeff Berkowitz: Parental notice. Are you in favor of laws that tell parents they should be notified of an abortion of their minor daughter?

Scott Harper: This is an issue that we’ve got to work out in the context of education, strong parenting-- parents need to be involved in the lives of their children.

Jeff Berkowitz: So, yes or no, parental notice law? You favor it.

Scott Harper: That’s an open question and I’m not necessarily in favor of that.
From tonight's City of Chicago and City of Aurora and this week's Illinois Channel edition of Public Affairs, 13th CD Democratic Nominee Scott Harper debates the issues with show host and executive legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz; show was taped on June 22, 2008. For more about the show's topics, the guest and this week's airings of the show in Chicago, Aurora and across the State of illinois, go here. To watch the show on your computer, go here.
Thanks to "Public Affairs," intern Amy Allen for preparing a very good draft of the above partial transcript of our show with 13th CD Democratic Nominee Scott Harper.
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