Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary: A cry for help? Hillary takes on Martin Luther King

As voting begins in New Hampshire, we look back at the last day of campaigning as a day when, by all accounts, Hillary Clinton must have faked a cry in response to a friendly question at an event that asked “as a woman I know how hard it is to get out of the house and to get ready and my question is very personal, how do you do it.” Hillary had been told a few days ago at the Saturday Facebook ABC WMUR-TV debate that polls showed people in New Hampshire did not think she was likeable.

So, Hillary thought a cry, accompanied by a few words from her telling the audience how “personal,” her effort to become President was, might do the trick for her. Hillary argued, as she cried, she “just doesn’t want to see us fall backwards,” as a nation. Apparently, Hillary thinks only she can win the Presidency for the Democrats, or only she can correct what needs to be corrected, as President. That’s right, she implies Obama couldn’t do it; nor, could Edwards. That’s what she means about it being personal. Get it, now?

Also, on the last day of the New Hampshire campaign, in an effort to knock Obama and all of his talk about dreams and hopes, Hillary argued Dr. Martin Luther King may have had dreams, but “it took a President [LBJ], to get it done,” i.e., to transform the dreams into civil rights. On hearing that, Team Obama was busy readying that little gem of Hillary’s for use in their upcoming South Carolina campaign. The South Carolina Democratic voters are about 50% black. It would seem the last person Hillary would want to take on would be Dr. King. What was she thinking?

Somebody should tell Hillary she needs a rest. If she does much more to “help,” her campaign, she won’t have a campaign left to help.
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