Monday, December 24, 2007

Better than "It's a Wonderful Life:" State's Attorney Candidate and Ald. Tom Allen on cable, streaming on PA and You Tube

Jeff Berkowitz: Was [Robert] Sorich involved in [government] corruption?

Ald. Tom Allen: Only when we use—

Jeff Berkowitz: Was that a yes or no?

Ald. Tom Allen: Was Sorich? Yes, yes. What I am saying is that I think to tell people what it really is—they are stealing, they are robbing, they are embezzling and they are extorting from the taxpayers and if they are, they should be prosecuted in an aggressive way and the State’s Attorney’s Office of Cook County should be involved—

Jeff Berkowitz: Have they [The State’s Attorney office] been aggressive on that kind of corruption?

Ald. Tom Allen: It doesn’t seem that- It doesn’t seem that way. They should be and under my leadership, they would be involved.
Tonight's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs (8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV) features Cook County, IL State's Attorney Candidate
Chicago Ald. Tom Allen (D-Chicago)
Next Monday night's "Public Affairs," show in Chicago (8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV, New Year's Eve) features 8th CD Republican Primary candidate Kirk Morris (Gurnee.) This is the second appearance of Morris on Public Affairs.
You may also watch the show with State's Attorney Democratic Primary candidate Ald. Tom Allen and this week's suburban edition of Public Affairs show with State's Attorney Democratic Primary candidate First Ass't Bob Milan (airing only in 10 North Shore suburbs this week; the suburban edition of Public Affairs is preempted by Christmas in 25 suburbs in which the show regularly airs on Tuesday night) along with other recently posted shows, including additional Democratic State's Attorney candidates Chief Deputy to State's Attorney Devine- Anita Alvarez (River Forest), Cook County Comm. Suffredin (Evanston) and Chicago Ald. Brookins; Rep. Hamos (D-Evanston), 14th CD Republican Primary candidates Sen. Lauzen and Jim Oberweis, 14th CD Democratic Primary Candidates Jotham Stein and John Laesch on your computer
at [For all of the shows on the Public Affairs podcast page, other than Alvarez and Oberweis , please click the Archives icon to bring up those shows].

In addition to those shows, prior shows on the "Public Affairs," podcast page feature Presidential candidates Obama, Giuliani, Richardson, McCain and Cox, and many other pols, including Obama-Bean in April, 2006, Congresswoman Bean in January, 2006 and Congresswoman Schakowsky in October, 2005 and opinion makers. You may also watch these "Public Affairs," shows and others at
Having trouble watching the 14th CD Democratic and Republican Primary candidates listed above and the Alvarez,Milan, Brookins, Suffredin and Allen quintet on the Public Affairs podcast page or at Not to worry, you can now go here to watch them all on as well other Public Affairs shows, e.g., our extended interview with Presidential candidate Gov. Bill Richardson. This TV show host has been told that almost anybody who has a computer should be able to access Youtube, so no longer will you have a technical excuse for not watching Public Affairs, as all of our shows, going forward, and many prior ones, will be posted on
More about Ald. Allen, tonight's show topics and a partial transcipt of the show with Candidate Allen is included here. An additional partial transcript of the show with Ald. Allen is included here.
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