Sunday, December 30, 2007

More T-balls from Chris Matthews to Senator McCain

John McCain, once again the darling of the liberal Mainstream Media?

It is really shocking how much “national show hosts,” can pander when they want to [see here]. Senator McCain, who of course was the darling of the liberal mainstream media when he ran for President in 2000 because he was perceived as being willing to take on the Republican establishment and traditional conservatives, seems to be recapturing some of that affection from the mainstream media as the first primary voting in the Presidential election season approaches [the Iowa caucuses are on Jan. 3, followed by the New Hampshire Primary on Jan. 8].

McCain had lost his mainstream media support because of his staunch support of the Iraq War, notwithstanding his blunt criticism of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and President Bush for their mismanagement of the War. But, the War has been going significantly better during the last six months than it had been-- to the point where even the mainstream media must take notice.

Liberal Mainstream media: Maxima mea culpa?

It appears as if the mainstream media think the way to ask for forgiveness for their skepticism that the war could be turned around is to be nice to Senator McCain. They are almost chanting, “Maxima mea culpa.” Well, okay, they haven’t gone quite that far.

But, if McCain can continue his own surge in Iowa and not just get a third place finish, but pass the sinking Huckabee and come in second to Romney, then watch the mainstream media flock to McCain--in the hope that he could catch Romney in New Hampshire.

Matthews: A pander bear?

Leading the charge for the mainstream media on McCain’s behalf is Hardball’s Chris Matthews. Chis is becoming a virtual pander bear, asking McCain such toughies as, “Will you win in New Hampshire?’

The below is another partial transcript of the Hardball show of December 19, 2007, with a few more suggested questions from Berkowitz to help Chris out:

Troops in Iraq for 4 More Years?

Chris Matthews: Will troops in Iraq be an issue in the next Presidential election? Will we still have so many troops in Iraq—I really need to know this from you. Will it still be such a crying issue at home? [Will] we have so many troops in Iraq that it’s going to be an issue that hounds us in the next presidential election?

It's the casualties, stupid.

Senator John McCain: No, I believe that if we proceed along this path and don’t withdraw too quickly that the key to it is that casualties will be way down.

Questions that Berkowitz would have asked McCain: What are the monthly casualties for November, 2007? How much is “way down.” By when will the U. S. casualties reach that low of a number?

Senator McCain: It’s not American presence, it’s American casualties. We’ve still got American troops in Bosnia. We’ve got them in South Korea. We’ve got them in Japan. Americans willingly accept troops [in these places], but they want the casualties down, and if we can continue this way under this great guy Petraeus—who should have been Time Magazine’s Man of the Year [Time chose Russia's Putin].

Questions that Berkowitz would have asked: You have heard of the Out of Iraq,” caucus in the U. S. House of Representatives? Do you think members of that caucus will be okay with a continued presence of the U. S. military in Iraq, so long as the casualties are “down.” Again, how far down must they be? If they reach that level, what percentage of the American voters will be okay with a continued presence in Iraq?

Chris Matthews: Will you, to use your phrase, and I know you are not as dainty as this—will you, I know you would never do this, will you win in New Hampshire?

Senator McCain: Yes.

Chris Matthews: Thank you.
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