Monday, January 14, 2008

Better than Russert with Clinton: Berkowitz with Suffredin on Cable and Streaming

Comm. Larry Suffredin: I’ve supported Dick Devine all along. Dick Devine is a very fine lawyer and a very good person.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, then, how independent can you be [as a State's Attorney] if you find there are things you suggested—there are things that you’ve said the Office and he should have been doing that they haven’t been doing? How independent can you be as State’s Attorney when [Devine] has been somebody who has been a friend who you have been supporting all along the way?

Comm. Larry Suffredin: There’s a non-sequitur to your question.
Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Larry Suffredin, Cook County Commissioner and Democratic Primary State’s Attorney candidate. The show airs through-out the City of Chicago on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV) at 8:30 pm tonight. You can also watch the show on your computer. See, below.
For more about the State’s attorney race and show, go here; and for a partial transcipt of tonight's show, go here. See below to link to TV shows with four of the other candidates in the race.

See here to read about Devine’s endorsement of his First Ass’t., Bob Milan, to replace Devine as State’s Attorney of Cook County.

See here to read about the Sun-Times endorsement of Comm. Larry Suffredin for State’s Attorney of Cook County.

If the Chicago Sun-Times endorses Comm. Larry Suffredin for State's Attorney and Comm. Suffredin endorses Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine and Dick Devine endorses Bob Milan, does that mean the Sun-Times endorses Milan. Of course not-- because endorsements are not "transitive,"as we used to say back in algebra.
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Go here to watch recent Public Affairs shows on our YouTube page, including tonight's show with Cook County Commissioner and Democratic Primary State's Attorney Candidate Larry Suffredin, as well as shows with Democratic Primary State's Attonrey candidates Ald. Howard Brookins, Jr.; Ald. Tom Allen; Bob Milan, First Ass't. to State's Attorney Devine; and Anita Alvarez, Chief Deputy to State's Attorney Devine .