Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Better than Charlie Rose: Peraica with Berkowitz on Cable and Streaming

This week's suburban edition of Public Affairs features Tony Peraica, Cook County Board Member and Republican Primary candidate for State's Attorney of Cook County. Peraica is unopposed in his primary.
Show Host and Executive Legal Recruiter Jeff Berkowitz debates and discusses with State's Attorney candidate Tony Peraica the following topics: the ghosts of Mayor Daley and State’s Attorney Devine on the Ballot, torture of accused criminal defendants and the investigation of same, gun control, concealed carry, lifting the capital punishment moratorium, diversity in the State’s attorney’s office, Chicago police gone wild, investigations of policemen with multiple allegations of police brutality or other improper behavior and much, much more.
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A partial transcript of this week's suburban show is included, below.
The “investigation,” of Torture by Chicago police

Comm. Tony Peraica: In my opinion, the entire [torture] investigation is marred by incestuous relationships. This is a small club. You have essentially four families running the entire City of Chicago, County of Cook.

Jeff Berkowitz: Who are those four families?

Comm. Tony Peraica: Well, the Daleys, the Madigans, the Hyneses and the Strogers. They have been kind of running the whole political operation here. They have appointed judges, elected judges, including the Chief Judge, Mr. Biebel. ..I think the State’s Attorney of Cook County should be somebody who is independent, who will not look the other way because of political affiliation, racial affiliation or ethnic affiliation…you should apply the law equally across the board.
Need more gun control?

Jeff Berkowitz: …do we need more gun control. Do we need more laws than we currently have in Cook County [on guns].

Comm. Tony Peraica: No, I think that we have—

Jeff Berkowitz: ……you don’t have any problems with the current laws [on guns], but they are enough? You don’t need more laws?

Comm. Tony Peraica: Correct.

Need an Assault Weapons Ban?

Jeff Berkowitz: …You don’t need a statewide ban on assault weapons? You wouldn’t advocate for that?

Comm. Tony Peraica: No, I don’t. I don’t think we do.

Jeff Berkowitz: …You wouldn’t advocate for limiting gun purchases to one per month?

Comm. Tony Peraica: No, I think there are collectors who buy guns for, you know, collection purposes. Again, I think the problem with additional laws that every legislative session produces is because every legislative session, which is every two years, the members of the state legislature have to run for re-election and they all want to be tough on crime and you have more laws and the old laws are not even being enforced. It’s not people who are causing these harms, it’s the weapons themselves in the wrong hands.

Guns don’t kill people?

Jeff Berkowitz: …So, you believe in what the NRA says that guns don’t kill people, people kill people? Would you subscribe to that?

Comm. Tony Peraica: People kill people, that’s correct.

Jeff Berkowitz: …Would you say, more guns-less crime? Actually, more guns might help [bring about] less crime? You subscribe to that?

Comm. Tony Peraica: In some areas, that may be in fact true. Yes.

Repeal the Chicago ban on handguns?

Jeff Berkowitz: …In the City of Chicago, a person can’t possess a [hand]gun now, you know it’s illegal unless you are a law enforcement officer. Would you like to see that changed so that people would be allowed, say, to own [hand] guns. Keep them in their homes so they could protect themselves if bad guys came.

Comm. Tony Peraica: Yes, I believe that. I think that the law passed by the City of Chicago and other cities, e.g., Washington, DC, is probably unconstitutional and the U. S. Supreme Court will opine on that point very soon.

Concealed Carry in Illinois?

Jeff Berkowitz: …Somebody is walking…she may be undersized, she may be at a disadvantage to a bad guy. She may want to own a gun so if she is in a bad area in Chicago, she can keep [the handgun] in her purse and the perp would be guessing does she have a gun, or not. It’s called concealed carry. Would you favor that?

Comm. Tony Peraica: I think in a large metropolitan area, I would not support concealed carry…if one has it in your house, that is one thing. If you have it locked up in your car, that’s another thing. But, to have it on the person—you walk around with a weapon, and you are not a member of the law enforcement community, I would not support that.

Jeff Berkowitz: …But, in your home, in your car, [a handgun] is Ok.

Comm. Tony Peraica: Yes, Yes.

Jeff Berkowitz: …If you have a permit.

Comm. Tony Peraica: Obviously, you [need to ] pass all the other requirements. Yes.
This episode of Public Affairs was taped on January 27, 2008.
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