Friday, October 05, 2007

Jeff Berkowitz asks Senator Clinton: Match Obama’s commitment on troop withdrawal ?

Jeff Berkowitz: Senator, Senator Obama (D-IL) said earlier this week [Oct. 2 speech in Chicago] that he would, within the first sixteen months of his Presidency, withdraw all combat troops from Iraq. And, he said the only U. S. troops that would be left there would be troops to protect U. S. Diplomats and hunt down Al Qaeda. Would you make that same promise? Would you match Senator Obama in that promise, should you win the Presidency.

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY): What I have said is that until I am there I will not know the full extent of either the planning that has been going on in the Pentagon, something that I have been focused on since last Spring, in trying to force the Pentagon to do more planning and to make the tough decisions that will have to be made. And, I am going to move out troops as quickly and responsibly and carefully as I can. Obviously, there are some remaining concerns that I and others have been focused on: the continuing hunt for Al Qaeda in Iraq; the protection of our embassy and other civilian employees; the potential of continuing to train Iraqis assuming that they step up to do what we want them to do. But, I want to move as quickly as I can—but, I understand how difficult and dangerous this is. And I‘ve said I will do it as President in as expeditious a manner as possible, and that’s what I intend to do.

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you have an estimate of how many troops that will require [to be left in Iraq].

Senator Clinton: I do not.
Hillary Clinton, U. S. Senator and Candidate for President in the Democratic Primary, speaking at a press conference at Morton’s Restaurant on Thursday evening at 5:30 pm. Hillary was attending two fundraisers on Thursday evening: one was hosted by Terry Duffy, who labels himself a Republican and previously a money man for Republicans; the other by JB Pritzker, who, along with Senator Howard Carroll, lost to Cong. Jan Schakowsky in the 1998 9th Cong. Dist. Democratic Primary. Hillary’s press aide at the Presser indicated that the Hillary Clinton campaign expected to raise close to a million dollars at Thursday’s funders.
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