Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jotham Stein, 14th CD Dem Primary candidate, on cable and streaming

Jotham Stein [St. Charles], 14th Cong. Dist. Democrat Primary Candidate, is featured on tonight's special City of Aurora edition of Public Affairs , airing through-out Aurora and in surrounding areas on Aurora Community Television, Comcast Cable Ch. 10 at 9:30 pm. The Aurora station reaches all of Aurora, Bristol, Big Rock and parts of Oswego, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Montgomery.

Due to logistical problems, the Aurora edition of Public Affairs did not air in its usual time slot, earlier this week, on Monday at 7:30 pm on ACTV-10. We regret any inconvenience for our viewers.

However, in addition to tonight’s make up airing, the show with Jotham Stein will also air in the City of Aurora and in surrounding areas a week from tonight, Aug. 30, at 9:30 pm on Comcast Cable Ch. 10.

Stein is a Princeton and Stanford Law School grad, a family man and the bulk of his current legal practice is negotiating fast-paced business and employment deals.

If you miss our shows on cable with Stein, you may go to Com to watch the same show on your computer. You may also watch, at that site, our shows with Presidential candidates and many other politicians, office holders and candidates.

For more about tonight’s Public Affairs show with 14th CD Democratic Primary Candidate Jotham Stein, go here. For more about the 14th CD primary races, go here.
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