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Rep. Fritchey on abortion and much more: Cable and Streaming

This Week's suburban edition of "Public Affairs," airing in the Chicago metro suburbs, features State Rep. John Fritchey [D-Chicago] discussing parental notice, education funding reform, stopping Pay to play, and much, more with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz.See, below, for the Public Affairs suburban airing schedule. You may also [Go Here to watch this week's suburban show with State Rep. Fritchey, next week's suburban show with State Rep. Julie Hamos, as well as other shows with such notables as Obama, McCain, Giuliani, Barrett, Chico and many others on your computer; you can drag the dial on the bottom of the screen to watch only portions of the thirty minute shows; trouble accessing our cinema page on your computer? Try I-Tunes: the same Public Affairs shows are also available there].
State Rep. John Fritchey will be the featured guest on the Monday, March 12, 2007 [8:30 pm, Cable Ch. 21] City of Chicago edition of "Public Affairs."
The "Public Affairs," cinema page gives you a choice of more than twenty-five episodes of “Public Affairs," to watch on your computer including this week's suburban show with Rep. Fritchey. The cinema page also has next week's suburban show with Rep. Hamos and recent shows with Ralph Martire, Ald. Berny Stone, Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool [D-Chicago], Sen. Garrett [D-Lake Forest], Sen. Syverson [R-Rockford], Metropolitan Planning Council President MarySue Barrett, Phantom of the City Council--Brendan Reilly, State Rep. Paul Froehlich, Eric Zorn-Dan Proft, John McCarron, Gery Chico, former State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger, Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown [D] and State Rep. Julie Hamos [D-Evanston], as well as interviews, discussions or remarks with or by U. S. Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giulianiand many, many more pols on our video podcast page[Go Here to Watch the Shows on your computer; you can drag the dial on the bottom of the screen to watch only portions of the thirty minute shows].
State Rep. John Fritchey [D-Chicago], in his 11th year in the State House and in his 5th year as Chairman of the House Civil Judiciary Committee, debates and discusses with show host and legal recruiter Jeff Berkowitz the recent revival of the 1995 passed legislation that requires notice by an abortion provider to parents, grandparents or a legal guardian before perforning an abortion on a minor female [Parental Notice], except in cases, e.g., incest when a judge approves waiver of the notice requirements [Judicial Bypass]: Fritchey's proposed amended parental notice legislation that would broaden the set of individuals to whom notice of the abortion could be given, Attorney Geneal Lisa Madigan's role in the revival of the Parental Notice law; the public policy and political aspects of the proposed continuation of the decade old freeze on electric power rates; the public policy aspects of Fritchey supported legislation to base real estate tax assessments on the owner's acquisition costs instead of current real estate market values; Blagojevich's proposed expanded access to health care insurance and perhaps a companion gross receipts tax; the House Bill 750 tax swap and much, much more.
Jeff Berkowitz: …Lee Daniels was State House Speaker for a short time [1995-96]-- that’s when…Speaker Mike Madigan took a coffee break, so to speak, having been Speaker of the House since what? the early 80s?

State Rep. John Fritchey [D-Chicago]: Well, I think now you are looking at about 25 years, so that would take us back to about 1982.
State Rep. John Fritchey: …Now what we have said is that instead of having a judicial bypass…let’s say the idea here is not to help her [a pregnant minor female] get an abortion or prevent her from getting an abortion. The idea is to give her guidance and counseling in how to make this decision, looking at her health and safety and well-being, overall. So, who is better situated to do that? Well, we felt in addition to the parents and grand-parents [and legal guardian- each of whom is designated as an appropriate adult for the abortion provider to notify under the current Illinois parental notice statute], an adult sibling, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent [and] how about a clergy member? How about a licensed medical professional and personally, I feel I would have more faith in a licensed medical professional [Fritchey clarified that the medical professional would have to be a third party, independent of the abortion provider] or a clergy member to give a girl in a difficult situation advice and guidance than a judge.
Jeff Berkowitz: …But, you are talking about extending the parental notice, in general, not just when there is this problem [of incest, sexual child abuse, etc.] to include an aunt or an uncle or a cousin or a pastor or a doctor who is not even [involved with the family]. That’s the nub of the issue.

State Rep. John Fritchey: But, what’s fascinating is that if you would listen to the detractors of what we are trying to do, they would have you believe that the parents would always find out [about the minor daughter’s imminent abortion] under the ’95 bill, will never find out under my Act, and that’s simply not the case. In fact, a number of folks on the right, Cal Skinner and others had argued vehemently against the ’95 law, saying there were too many loopholes—it was too easy for the parents not to find out about this. And the same arguments that they used against the ’95 Act, they now use against this. I am—interested—I guess that’s probably the safest word to use—I find it intellectually interesting that a number of the folks on the right who are quick to talk about the importance of church involvement in your family are now saying we don’t trust a clergy member to give independent advice on this.

Jeff Berkowitz: Well, not just any clergy member [is trusted]. That may be a legitimate point. This [proposal of yours] is not necessarily for a clergy member who knows the family, knows the parents and is involved. You’re not restricting it to that. They are just a clergy member who they find off the street.

State Rep. John Fritchey: Well—

Jeff Berkowitz: Not all clergy members are good. Not all representatives are good. Not all TV hosts are good.
State Rep. John Fritchey, as is airing this week on Public Affairs in 35 Chicago Metro suburbs [See below for the suburban airing schedule] and as will be airing on Monday, March 12, 2007 [8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21, CANTV] on the City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs. The show was recorded on February 25, 2007. You may also[watch the show with John Fritchey here].
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