Friday, February 23, 2007

Hillary and Obama, circling over the Vilsack carcass

Not exactly a shocker, but the short-lived Don Quixote campaign for President of former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack came to an abrupt end today. Fox News reported, “While [Vilsack] believed he was well-positioned with his message and personal history, the one thing that prevented him from continuing was a lack of money.” And, watch ABC News report here.

There you go. A tale oft told in politics: insufficient money to make a go of it. What else is new? Moreover, money wasn’t Vilsack’s only shortcoming. Nobody thought Vilsack had a chance to be President, with his primary strengths being that he is somewhat intelligent and thoughtful and managed, with the help of a good political wife—Christie, who is close to the Clintons—to get elected Governor of a small state. Some could argue that the above Vilsack profile fit the '76 Carter profile, although Carter was somewhat lacking in the intelligence and thoughtful parts [To this day, nobody can really explain how it is that Carter became President of the United States, other than perhaps that it was due to the Country's fascination with peanuts].

Further, Tom Vilsack will never be mistaken as a motivational speaker: watching his speeches is about as interesting as “watching the paint dry.” Altogether, those aren’t exactly the attributes that would put Vilsack in the class of Hillary, Obama and Edwards, or even former VP Al [Lockbox] Gore and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, for that matter. I mean, would you put any chips on Vilsack? Of course not. Not even to strut his stuff in the VP scout camp. So, why would any other savvy donors pony up? Why, indeed.

However, it was thought that Vilsack could stick around long enough to keep him in the VP derby, perhaps at least until the June, 07 PBS/Tavis Smiley Democratic Presidential Candidate debate, with its subsequent candidate pruning. Somebody, like Vilsack’s wife or Hillary, must have decided Tom could do himself more good as a possible VP candidate by getting out of the Presidential race now. So, he did.

Look for an early endorsement by Vilsack of Hillary, but Team Obama will contest it, and Senator Obama already has issued a complimentary press release on the life and times of Tom Vilsack.

Remember that line of Senator Obama from “Public Affairs,” when he was campaigning for the U. S. Senate [as shown recently on Good Morning America], “I am rooted in the African-American Community, but I am not limited to it [and we are going to be competitive in every part of this state among every demographic because the message[s] that I have in terms of dealing with economic development and jobs in this state, dealing with health care issues, dealing with education issues are ones that cut across the board.]” Hillary may know the Vilsacks much better than Barack, but he will be there, knocking on the Vilsacks’ door.

Just substitute “Country,” for “this State,” in the above quote from Obama’s ’04 U. S. Senate campaign in Illinois-- and you now know what is putting the fear of God into Hillary. Yet another faith based initiative from Senator and Democratic Presidential primary candidate Barack Obama [D-IL]. **************************************************
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