Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Illinois Democratic Chiefs continue to skirmish

Keep your eyes wide open Sunday morning for a print media report of Illinois Democrats eating their own, again. Why?

Illinois is so very blue that three of the State’s four, or so, individual Democratic power centers spend a fair amount of their time eyeing the other Dem powers for opportunities to expand their power or contract that of one of their internal party competitors. The Illinois Republican Party is so weak and unsightly that the Democrats can afford, or so they think, to shoot at each other, instead of at their loyal opposition. With all of their worshiping of the gun control God [one Dem, appearing on the set of “Public Affairs,” has even called for repeal of the 2nd Amendment], this is perhaps the only shooting the Democrats will tolerate.

One of those Illinois Dem power bases, the new kid on the block, so to Speak, tends to stay above the fray and of late is starting to look, as the song goes, way over yonder, first to the West and then the East, and ultimately to the North and the South. By and by, this power base stumbled onto the turf of another tribal leader. The encroachment was almost inadvertent, not really malicious and to many, minor- or so it might have seemed to the new kid on the block.

But to the old man on the block, so to Speak, no encroachment on his Party power can be viewed as minor, and he has continued to remind the new kid on the block who is boss, at least in Illinois, and the old man slams, again, Sunday morning the new kid on the block.

Competition, of course, is the patron saint of the consumer. And, the consumer and third party beneficiary of all this internal strife among the Democratic power bases in Illinois, in this instance, is the Republican Party. The State GOP, like Atlas, might shrug. To them, it might seem to be a mere crumb tossed to the Republicans. But, others, with vision, will see-- from little crumbs do big acorns grow.

Take a look. Sunday morning. A little crumb? Or a big acorn? We discuss, you decide.