Monday, August 07, 2006

Majority Whip Roy Blunt on Key Issues in Hot Cong. Races

Jeff Berkowitz: Are there common national issues that cut across the country’s [competitive congressional districts]. Is Islamo-fascism, Islamo-terrorism, however you put it, is that a major issue … is the economy another major issue?

Cong. and Majority Whip Roy Blunt [R-MO]: I think the economy and trusting people to grow the economy is the big difference in us [Republicans] and them [Democrats]. The difference [also is between] more government and less freedom or more freedom and less government, particularly in an economic sense. Where you trust people- people have done a great job growing this economy. Even with gas prices in a turbulent world not being where we need them to be- being headed I think hopefully in the right direction again—[they] haven’t been able to disrupt that economic growth. And, in terms of foreign policy, I don’t know anybody that can be really happy with the concerns we have in the world today, and so, the President’s policies, our national policies, when you think—are you totally happy with everything that has happened in Iraq, with everything that is happening in Israel or Lebanon or Afghanistan? I think almost everybody’s answer would be no, but once you look at the alternative, you realize the true fallacy of the alternative, and in fact, the policies that we have, the commitment we have to fight terror, not just the terror tactic, but to fight the Islamic totalitarian view of the world is really something that America has to be committed to right now. [Cong. Blunt was careful, when he struck similar themes during his luncheon talk, to state that those with an Islamic totalitarian view are a small percentage of those who are, or who purport to be, followers of Islam]

House Majority Whip and Congressman Roy Blunt [R-MO], from a forthcoming video podcast interview by Jeff Berkowitz with Whip Blunt on August 4, 2006. Cong. Blunt spoke at a luncheon at the Smith and Wollensky restaurant in the Chicago Loop, on August 4, 2006, to rally and brief supporters of 8th CD Republican Nominee, David McSweeney [R-Barrington Hills]. Berkowitz spoke with Cong. Blunt after the House Majority Whip completed his talk and discussion with the thirty, or so, McSweeney supporters attending the luncheon. Although McSweeney’s campaign manager, Jim Thacker, said the purpose of the event was not to raise money, McSweeney still raised about 10K at the lunch.

Earlier in the day, House Majority Whip Blunt joined 6th Cong. Dist. Republican nominee and State Senator Peter Roskam [R-Wheaton] in touring Motorola's global headquarters in Schaumburg, IL and the Alexian Brothers' cancer center at the medical center located in Elk Grove Village, IL. A Roskam press release indicated that House Republican Whip Blunt and Senator Roskam met with and answered questions from Executives of both companies after the respective tours.
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