Monday, August 28, 2006

Comm. Quigley: Skating on Thin Ice?

Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley [D-Chicago] enters the world of taint and it looks like some of it could rub off on the ice-hockey playing, lakefront Liberal. It wouldn't be the first time for that type of thing to happen.
Carol Marin: Just to be clear here in the partisan lines, you as a Democrat and a Commissioner have said you will support Ald. Todd Stroger [D-8th Ward] over Commissioner Peraica [R-Riverside].

Comm. Mike Quigley: I haven’t endorsed anyone in this race. In fact, the alderman and I are talking tomorrow about the future of Cook County and where we need to go. I was probably the President’s strongest critic over the last
7 ½ - 8 years, but I do think John Stroger was a real advocate for Cook County and has a real legacy. Unfortunately, it is dramatically tainted by everything we read today.
Carol Marin: There are reports that Mr. Nichols [John Stroger’s patronage boss] asked County employees to change the test scores, to re-arrange who was qualified versus who wasn’t qualified and put unqualified people on the job. Mr. Nichols, as I understand it, is still associated with your campaign. Is that the case and is there a problem with this?

Ald. Todd Stroger: He is a volunteer on the campaign

Carol Marin: Did you ask him? Did you ask Mr. Nichols, Mr. Gerald Nichols, who makes $114,000 a year. Did you ask him since these reports came out whether or not its true that he was insisting that test scores be changed for unqualified people [to] be hired?

Ald. Todd Stroger: No, I haven’t asked him that, at all.
WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, August 28, 2006; Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley appearing tonight on a panel with Ald. Todd Stroger, Democratic Nominee for Cook County Board President and Tony Peraica, Cook County Commissioner and Republican Nominee for Cook County Board President. The show repeats again tonight at midnight, 1:30 am and 4:30 am on Ch. 11 in the Chicago Metro area.