Monday, August 21, 2006

Better than Monday Night Football: 8th CD Scheurer on Cable & Streaming

Tonight's show with 8th CD third party candidate Bill Scheurer can be watched anytime on our podcast page: [Watch Scheurer, Obama, McCain, McSweeney, Bean and others here].
"Public Affairs," is featuring Bill Scheurer [Lindenhurst], Moderate Party candidate for 8th Cong. District U. S. Representative, tonight [August 21] through-out the City of Chicago on CANTV, Cable Ch. 21 at 8:30 pm; And, Anytime on the "Public Affairs," podcast page on your computer [Watch, as well, Obama, McCain and others here].
The "Public Affairs," podcast page gives you a choice of more than twenty-five episodes of “Public Affairs," including tonight's show with 8th CD third party candidate Bill Scheurer; McCain, Blagojevich, Obama, Topinka, 8th CD Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Melissa Bean, 8th CD Republican Nominee David McSweeney; Ald. Todd Stroger, Democratic Nominee for Cook County Board President;Tony Peraica, Cook County Commissioner and Republican Nominee for County Board President on our video and audio podcast page[Watch here].
A partial transcript of the show with 8th CD third party candidate, Bill Scheurer, is included below and an additional partial transcript of the interview with Bill Scheurer and more about the show with Scheurer is here.
Next Week's show in the City and this week's in the suburbs features Forrest Claypool, Cook County Commissioner [D-Chicago].
Jeff Berkowitz: Simply on Iraq. You say the [American] troops should be out of there as soon as possible. The last time you were on, a month ago, you said … You’d support four different plans, any Democratic plan that got the troops out of there as soon as possible.

Bill Scheurer [8th CD Independent candidate]: I didn’t say “Democratic plan,” because some of the plans are bipartisan.

Jeff Berkowitz: Not too many.

Bill Scheurer: Well, the Abercrombie-Jones one.

Jeff Berkowitz: Not too many Republicans are lining up to-

Bill Scheurer: My position in Iraq is very clear-

Jeff Berkowitz: Get the troops out.

Bill Scheurer: Well, but you say it’s to get them out right away. That is my personal belief.

Jeff Berkowitz: But you’d compromise and get them out in a year.

Bill Scheurer[8th CD Independent candidate]: I would work with every single House proposal that is on the table, whether it’s the immediate McGovern proposal, or the extended, bipartisan Abercrombie-Jones proposal and the other two candidates [Melissa Bean(D-Barrington) and David McSweeney(R-Barrington Hills)] would vote for none of those.
Jeff Berkowitz: CAFTA. You’re upset with Congresswoman Bean because she voted “yes” on CAFTA. People say that may even be more important to you as a motivating factor than the war in getting you intense about this race. Right or wrong?

Bill Scheurer [8th CD Moderate Party candidate]: I’m not upset with her [Bean]. I just profoundly disagree with her. Other people are upset with her. There are people that-

Jeff Berkowitz: Specific labor unions.

Bill Scheurer: It’s not just labor unions.

Jeff Berkowitz: I know, but let’s start with that. Who do you have supporting you? AFL-CIO? Are they lining up for Bill Scheurer?

Bill Scheurer: The AFL-CIO has not—we have not been a part of their endorsement process.

Jeff Berkowitz: Have they endorsed Bean?

Bill Scheurer: No, they have declined to endorse Bean.

Jeff Berkowitz: Okay. They haven’t yet endorsed you, but they declined to endorse Bean. What about the Machinists? What have they done?

Bill Scheurer: We have five major unions that have made the maximum contribution allowed.

Jeff Berkowitz: To you.

Bill Scheurer: Right. The Machinists, the Teamsters, the Steelworkers, SEIU, which are service employees, and UNITE/HERE, which is a range of people in the textile industry.

Jeff Berkowitz: In large part because they say to Cong. Bean the Central American Free Trade Agreement is not good for America. Is that right?

Bill Scheurer[8th CD Independent candidate]: CAFTA was a big thing for them, but a lot of her votes, like bankruptcy, the estate tax and so forth-- they feel were hostile to their interests. And it’s not just those unions. The point is, every union is upset with her. Every union’s membership is upset with her over CAFTA and other votes like that. And certainly, it has pumped some life into our 2006 effort that was not there in 2004.
From Tonight's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs. The program will air though-out the City of Chicago tonight, August 21 at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] and can be viewed anytime on your computer [Watch Now].
Transcript draft prepared by Amy Allen, who also does research for “Public Affairs,” and has her own political blog [See here].
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