Monday, March 06, 2006

Boys Gone Wild?

As transcribed in part on this blog [See here], a very unusual presser was held two weeks ago after the WBEZ [91.5 FM], Chicago Public Radio Republican Gubernatorial Primary Candidates forum. Now, you can watch here and nowhere else the uncut and unedited post debate show at the Public Affairs Cinema Complex [See here].

If you are short on time, you might want to skip the first twenty minutes, which, although good cinema verite, is a bit choppy both in substance and in form. This was the portion of the presser when Republican gubernatorial candidates Ron Gidwitz, Jim Oberweis and Sen. Bill Brady were grilled by the media on their net worth and whether they would accept gubernatorial front-running candidate Judy Baar Topinka’s challenge to release a decade of tax forms [Yeah, right] while Judy hid behind the gray door and Andy Martin, who is technically a candidate for Governor, serenaded, while chewing, somewhat ironically, on a bagel, Judy to “come play with the boys,” and the major Republican gubernatorial candidates growled, periodically, "Where is Judy."

However, the last twelve minutes of the video is pretty substantive grilling by the media [and to a lesser extent by Oberweis] of Judy on reform, Kjellander, ethics, the law and, of course, “pay to play.” The first 20 minutes is what got reported in the media. The last 12 minutes went unnoticed by the media moguls, except by yours truly, that is. What can I say- De gustabus not est disputandum, especially by the front office MSM who decide, in large part, but not here, what you will see.
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